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Medium Jozette

Medium Jozette

Medium Jozette Shares Her Uncommon Abilities

As part of a long lineage of psychics, Medium Jozette uses her gifts to help you see new paths in your life and find the peace that you seek. Using her natural clairvoyant gifts, she is an experienced medium and paranormal investigator who will help you reclaim your life and home.

"I have a wide variety of gifts. What I find is that it's almost as if the spirit realm calls upon the gift needed to translate the message. The main ability I use is the gift of feeling called clairsentience."

I feel as though I have a wide variety of gifts. What I find is that it's almost as if the spirit realm calls upon the gift needed in order to translate the message. The main ability I use is the gift of feeling labeled: Clairsentience. So, for instance, if you call in about your husband and ask if he is being unfaithful, I'd try to reach out with an open mind and connect to his energy and possible infidelities. My initial reaction may be something as simple as: "I feel deceit." The feeling of deceit in relationships is usually very easy to connect to, but once that initial feeling is identified, I would then look Clairvoyantly for more details. When I bring through deceitful energy associated with a male, this energy seems to hit me directly in the forehead; I can physically feel it.

Scanning closer, I become in tune with all of my subtle senses, I let go of the known and ask to be shown the unknown. I would then ask for images, symbols, and information with Clairvoyance and Remote Viewing abilities. Remote Viewing is tricky and has taken years of practice to master. My limited human intelligence sometimes doesn't comprehend how we can be in one place, but see into another person's reality in real time; it is sort of like a fly-on-the-wall experience.

I only attempt to Remote View a person or a situation if it is called for. Many people are terrified of infidelity; the mere thought of their partner sharing a bed with another is unbearable to most. Maybe they have sensed their partner pulling away, or their partner has had some unexplained absences, or too much unaccounted time away from home. Fear is taking over and they want to know where their partner is and what they are currently doing. Through Remote Viewing, I have brought closure for many vulnerable partners who sensed infidelity, but who could not prove it. My Remote Viewing ability is so advanced that I feel beyond blessed because of it.

I was raised by my mother and grandmother who were both mediumistic, but we never called ourselves mediums. We lived with Spirit and lived by Spirit, but we never labeled ourselves. The childhood my mother gave me to thrive in was fantastically surreal and broadly interesting: from teaching me how to put a worm on a hook (which I still refuse to do) to justifying a nine day Novena to my favorite Saint when I had hoped for a special favor. I was given the flexibility to create and discover, and to cultivate my mediumship. Purposeful or not, I really don't know, she ever so subtly encouraged a sense of wonder about the heavens and the worlds beyond, where I believe a well-planned path was laid preparing me for my work as an adult spiritual worker.

Communication with other realms was natural at my home and we didn't questioned it. I simply assumed everyone talked to the dead until I was older. It was a very gradual realization and I think it really surprised me that everyone didn't recognize their deceased in everyday life. As a teenager, my friends started to realize what my family could do and my home was the popular hangout as word spread. Some parents questioned it when they found out about our spiritual connections and preternatural pastimes. My friends would go home and mention the séances, table tipping, spoon-bending, etc… held at Jozette's house. There were times when I felt like I had to hide the gift, but also, I had a lot of friends who were accepting of it. And sometimes we would discover someone else in the neighborhood who had mediumistic tendencies and my mother welcomed them into our home so they had a comfortable, non-judgmental place to practice and develop.

My mother sought out paranormal experiences and evidential mediumship regularly. She appreciated it and respected it, and raised me to believe that there simply were things beyond our human experience: that some of it you could understand and some of it you couldn't; we just believe in miracles. I remember being a little girl and praying for everyday miracles. It was a wonderful upbringing, and it is obvious to me now how much it prepared me to raise two intuitive daughters.

My eldest daughter is a certified psychic medium through an institute which we enrolled her in at the age of fourteen. This institution offers a program to not only learn from, but also has a rigorous testing period used to prove the student's gifts. The certification offered validation of her abilities, but also credibility as a young medium. My daughter was the youngest student to attend, but she also had a very different focus than the other students: she did not need to learn how to connect, but rather how to control her connections and what she let in. My main motivation to seek outside help was because she wasn't listening to my coaching and she started having some harassing experiences with bad-natured entities. And as gifted as I am, and as in tune as I am, she would go through them alone and not tell me until afterwards or they would happen while she was at her father's home. I finally concluded that she needed a mentor who was not her mother, because, honestly, how many teenagers listen all that well to their parents? This was a blessing and she is now in control of her gifts.

My whole life has pretty much been a training ground while growing and maturing with my gifts. I know now that all of my life struggles and challenges were meant for me to experience in order to share them with the public along with my psychic edge. I have also known for a long time that my experiences raising two naturally intuitive daughters were meant for me in order to help other families trying to understand their children's mystical behaviors. After years of work on the Gettysburg and other such Battlefields, I have also been called to work with hauntings, earthbound entities, the demonic and depossession rituals while ridding people and places of negative energy.

Exposing myself to the demonic is something that really intrigues me. However, I find it frustrating when somebody has been regularly tormented and attacked, and they don't know how to get help for themselves. In most cases it is easy to take your life back, but people are too scared to attempt any confrontations. The paranormal creates a real sense of anxiety; people cower from it. I show people how to take their life back and how to stand up to their tormentors.

The most important thing to remember is that you have a corporeal, human body. All malicious entities want is our human energy and they will take it from us if we let them. And once they see that you're fearful, they feed off panic. Fear from us is actually like food and water to them; they thrive off all despair. So once you take your life back and show that you are no longer fearful, they don't want you anymore. They want the vulnerable, and many times the mentally disabled are their chosen host. Sadly, there are many people in institutions who just have a possession.

I have mainly dedicated my adult years to my online work, as well as depossession and helping families understand their child's magical abilities. There are so many children out there who are not supported with their tales of Spirits. Many parents tell their sensitive youngsters to stop imagining things, or they take them to a priest to have them blessed. Imagine how wonderfully gifted our children would be if all were encouraged and supported from a young age.

There are many things that you can do, but it depends on the situation; every situation is very unique. Many times I'll try to get to the bottom of why it's there in the first place, which is always my initial focus. Most recently I had a clearing in Philadelphia. A single mother of two was being yanked out of bed in the middle of the night and her children were terrified of certain areas of the home. Shortly after arrival, I sensed the negative source was from the neighbor's son who was delving into some dark ritualistic aspects of the occult. That helped me understand why it was there, and I was able to put up a barrier in a sense. I found the source and cleansed the home.

I also find that sometimes people think it's a malicious spirit and it's not. It could just be a little troubled and is trying to get messages across. That's where finding the source of it, why it's there, and what it wants from that person is the most important step. But whatever the reason, you can firmly tell it to leave the person alone and go away from the home.

Sometimes if an entity has possessed someone or attached itself, you have to command it to leave the physical body, and that person has to want to release it. Because in some cases, believe it or not, the person is attached to it also, which can make the situation much more difficult; especially when a child is involved.

When you meet one demonic energy—you have met them all. They're all just interwoven and intermingled; they are like a big legion of one, but that doesn't mean you have to fear them. I experienced a demonic infestation in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 2010. The woman was all alone; she was an older woman. I walked into her house and there was a picture of Christ on every open space of her wall. She was being attacked in the middle of the night, had bruises all over, and didn't know where to turn for help. They prey on the vulnerable, the weak minded, or people in situations where they don't know how to find help. They love that fear; it's what they feed on. The key is to show no fear and take your home back. Just know that if you ever encounter paranormal attacks, there are many people who can help you, and of course, I can do distance work just as effectively as in person.

Absolutely! Everybody does have a little bit of sensitivity and vulnerability to otherworldly energy. I find, too, that the majority of people who call in for readings have at least some abilities, but don't always know it. Many people seek out readings all the time because they know that something draws them to this realm, but they don't quite know what it is, and in actuality it's all within them. For the most part, all of us, especially women, have some psychic abilities.

Whenever I have a reading I ask for a connection to that highest of the high, and I ask the person to hold their hands out while I hold my hands out to them. This ritual does a couple of things: first of all, it gives me permission to touch into their energy. So by holding out their hands they give me permission to look into their life's past, present, and future. It also clears out energy from any previous readings. (Whether you've had a previous reading or not, there is always energy that you want to neutralize in order to bring in a good solid connection.) I have them hold their hands out, I ask their guides and angels to connect with mine, and I look above the lower realms seeking the highest connection available.

I try to eat very healthy with a variety of organic produce. I do indulge periodically; I have a serious chocolate addiction. I periodically fast while juicing a lot of vegetables. I always consume good quality food and promise myself six hours of sleep a night. A few times a year I take time with my family to travel to spiritual places. I enjoy walking and connecting to nature.

My longtime friend, Mark, lost a very good friend, Henry, in a motorcycle accident last September (2013). As Henry was stopped in the road, trying to turn left into his driveway while waiting for an oncoming vehicle, a woman driving a van hit him from behind. He was thrown from his motorcycle and lived for a short time until reaching the hospital. Henry was 78 years young and had more energy than many people half his age. Henry always had a big smile and everyone loved him; he was an avid outdoorsman, artist, and all-around-great-guy.

Just two nights after Henry's death he appeared to me; an otherworldly connection I did not initiate. I was sitting at my desk and my attention was drawn above my desk. I could clearly see Henry's big bright smile and I immediately knew he was going to transition to the heavens successfully, but Henry had a profound message for me. He first wanted to thank Mark for his years of kind friendship and he made reference to Mark's great sense of humor (which we both debated for a fun moment), but then Henry had a bigger, broader message for me. He told me to tell everyone I knew that, "The woman in the van was texting and driving." He made me promise to never again touch my phone while driving and to spread this message far and wide to help others.

I immediately called Mark to tell him what I had experienced with Henry, and Mark was shocked. He said that no one knew anything about the woman who had killed him, nor did anyone know that she could have been using a cell phone. He was even afraid to tell the family what Henry relayed to me because they were so grief-stricken. I received validation a week later, facts were released: the woman driver who killed Henry was currently texting when she struck him.