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Medium Sandra Lee

Psychic Medium Sandra Lee

An Illuminating Conversation With Master Advisor Medium Sandra Lee

AskNow recently had the pleasure to sit down for a talk with Master Advisor, Medium Sandra Lee. This revealing conversation showed her to be an authentic clairvoyant who lives a life of gratitude, loves to laugh and help her clients with what's coming next. To protect privacy, certain names, places and situations have been altered.

"I know that I've got a broadcaster's voice. That's how reading over the telephone works. It works from the vibration of the voice, the melody and the tempo and the spiritual connection to the other world, which by the way, is right here with us. It's not out there on Pluto."

My mother read from the pulpits in the spiritualist churches in the Appalachian part of the country. There was always a steady stream of clients and it was our way of life. When I was 14, she took me to a séance and spirits materialized. Then in 1998, my oldest son Eric crossed over from an automobile accident. He really threw the doors open to the spiritualist world and that was when I began my vocation and supporting myself as a reader.

One time when I was a little girl it did scare me. A lady kept coming to the foot of my bed. I would slide down the wall and go get in bed with my mom. One night, Mom came into the room and said very loudly, loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, that no unholy spirits were permitted to come to me, because I was baptized in Christ. Well, the spirit came again that night and when I went to get mom she told me it was okay because this spirit was a holy soul.

My mom and my sister both had similar gifts. My brother is a doctor and has the gift of healing, but he doesn't read. Our gifts run in the female side of the family, but now I'm seeing it in the males. My youngest child wants to be a surgeon. And recently she's been having her own little clairvoyant experiences.

I'm a medium so I pick up on who is coming through from the other side. I'll pick up on names. When Spirit calls out a name during a reading, I know the name fits somewhere. It's either someone coming through from the other side, or a family member's name, or middle name. If the name can't be placed, I know it will be someone coming ahead that will be important.

I know that I've got a broadcasters voice. That's how reading over the telephone works. It works from the vibration of my voice: the resonance, the melody and the tempo and my spiritual connection to the other world, which by the way, is right here with us. It's not out there on Pluto.

I have the ability to speak with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and read on where they put their investments. And then I can speak with the young wife that wants to know if her husband is cheating on her. I think that's a true gift that you're able to speak with a real range of people. It's a real honor.

I'm also capable of remote viewing. I've got a client now who is getting ready to head out to California in an RV. I begged her to call me when she made it to the Grand Canyon and out by the redwoods so that I could see what she was seeing while she was out there. That part is so fun!

Oh my goodness no. I wouldn't want to wake up without it. It's like straddling two worlds. Mom used to say, "You're heavenly brilliant and Earth stupid."

The only burden is what we create. So if somebody wants to consider this as a burden, then I feel sorry. I hear spirits speak every day. Each and every day.

It's so personal. It's so simple though, but one story is so funny and cute. One Friday night I was getting ready for bed and I heard Spirit say, "Don't take your clothes off." And I said. "What?" Okay. So I take out the trash, wash up a couple dishes in the sink and pick up the kids' toys. Then there was a knock at the door. It was my nephew with four of his buddies. And when I opened the door I just started laughing. Because you know I just heard Spirit say, "Don't take off your clothes." And it was right! I would have been scrambling to get them on.

So to wake one day and consider my gift a burden? No! Instead I say, thank you, Lord!

I stay quiet and try not to get out and do any crazy driving around. I really try hard to keep a clean, clean house. I have an extra chair sitting at my reading table so that folks have a place to sit down when they come through from the other side for a reading. I don't like anyone coming in from the other side to a messy house. Saints have touched down during readings in the past and I always ask myself if I would be proud to open that door if the holy family were coming over here for dinner. Keeping a clean house also helps me focus on the reading instead of looking around at all the clutter on the floor.

Also, I make stained glass and don't watch television. I'll watch movies and can recite every line from Lord of the Rings or True Grit, but I don't watch television. Commercials are on television and it's too much information. I get so much information coming from the other side that sometimes I just have to shut the Earth stuff down. I can't pull it all in and internalize all of it.

But what I believe with all of my heart is that Spirit speaks through me like a pure vessel because I have no bad feelings for anybody. I swear to you. Not a bad feeling for anyone on this planet. Life is too short.

I begin every session with a blessing, like I did with this interview, then I ask if they have pen and paper ready. I tell them to write it down, go put it in a Bible and take it out every few months because everything I've read on them is going to come about.

I have a variety of spiritualist exercises that apply to a range of situations. The exercise that I use depends on what situation is in front of me.

I am a medium, but I also read with a regular playing deck of cards. There are four suits for four seasons, 52 cards for 52 weeks in a year. All the numbers mean something, all the face cards mean something, and the order that they lay out means something. It's so incredibly accurate that I turn them for myself everyday.

I go to mass on Sunday and I'm inspired by something in the liturgy. I pray about it and release it so I can make room for what's coming next from Spirit. I pray instead of thinking. If a client comes to me in thought, I pray about it and release it. I can pick up what's coming next.

I live a very simple life and stay pure of heart. I have no malice, no deceit, no envy, no jealousy. And I thank God. Those are all wonderful contributing factors to the gift facilitating itself so well through me as a vessel.

I trained under Roberta White. She read for local politicians and some members of the local law enforcement. She is an awesome woman. She warned me from the beginning not to ever advertise. She told me to just trust God to put the clients in front of me when the time was right. All the clients came by word of mouth, which is how they were supposed to come.

Spirit is in charge of what clients come to me and when they come. The readings are lined up from the other side first. Today was definitely an off day. I switched cell phone providers and wasn't able to log in to AskNow. I then got a call to drive a family member to the doctor so they could get a cyst removed. That's what I call an off day. Days like today are when I remind myself that Spirit has me somewhere else that day instead of taking calls.

I just ask God everyday to bless AskNow, and all the readers giving good information, because AskNow is the greatest boundary that I've ever been able to draw. It allows me to be there for clients while still allowing me to have time to meditate and relax so that I can continue to give good information.

Oh my goodness. Mark, Linda, Elisabeth, Shanna, Mindy. I mean whom do you want to talk about first? You know what I mean? My clients are so awesome that it just makes me want to get up everyday, come back and do it again. There is this renewed joy that keeps me coming back for more.

I think one of the strongest memories that pops out is Christine's story. She was afraid the Devil was going to take her over. Since I'm an ordained minister, I opened up the Bible and baptized her right through the telephone line. Then after the reading I told her to get down to the local church and officiate it.

I find things out daily. I have clients that read with me frequently and they will call and validate things that were said.

I began the interview by asking for a blessing and that's going to attract a good vibration right off the bat. And plus, when you get some laughter like that it usually means that angels are hanging around nearby.