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Psychic Spotlights

John Alexander

John Alexander

Delve into Spirituality with John Alexander

John Alexander has enhanced his natural gifts with a life dedicated to the study of spirituality and the esoteric arts. While he has the gift of a playful sense of humor, he takes his work as an advisor very seriously. Whether you have questions about your life or want to make big changes and delve deeply into your spirituality, John Alexander is here to guide you.

"I believe that everyone has some form or kind of psychic ability. A psychic sixth sense. There's always something far greater than we can understand. I began my study of it years ago, delving deeper and deeper into it. If you want to call it psychic abilities, then I have psychic abilities, but I always make it a point to be very humble about it."

I study divination. I believe everyone has psychic ability. I believe that everyone has some form of a psychic sixth sense, which is a combination of the five senses: the seeing, the smelling, the hearing, the tasting and the feeling. Those five senses combined on a psychic level are what produce paranormal phenomena.

The tactile touch sense, I can feel when something is about ready to happen. Usually it manifests as a certain feeling in the stomach area. You know when people say they have butterflies in their stomach? That's basically their psychic area, but most people don't tune into that.

If you want to call it abilities, I have abilities that I've developed. I guess you could look at them as gifts; some people have the gift of playing the piano. I try to be very humble about it.

Do you want to hear a funny one that will make you laugh? I had a friend, Carol, who kept bugging me for this metaphysical secret. I said, "Carol, you don't have to give me any money. I'll just teach you how to do it." But she's very materialistic and everything for her is about money. Now this secret, you're not supposed to sell it, just give it as a gift, but she insisted and I finally said okay. So I went up to Baltimore and we agreed that she'd pay me $100. I figured I'd go have a nice Italian meal with my wife.

Well, when I got on the train I felt something getting really warm, more than usual. I thought, "Geeze. My bottom feels really warm. I must be sitting in the infernal regions." I was sitting in the hot seat. I said if I have to walk or fly home, I'm going to keep this $100. The powers that be decided to teach me a lesson and I ended up having to use that $100 to get home.

It's not so much that I recognized it; it's more that my grandmother recognized it. I remember her taking her hand and placing it over my face so that only my eyes showed through, like wearing a veil. She told me, "You have the Bustamante look", she said I have what we call la mirada or the look. I asked her what that was and she said it was the look that the family had, and this is how they were able to become multimillionaires in the 1930s. They owned shops in Cartagena. Now we aren't connected with the family, but she was through the family through marriage. You know how some people seem to make money no matter what they do and we say they have the Midas touch? She told me things she used to see her mother-in-law do, because she would do spiritual stuff.

But my grandmother on the other side also practiced curanderismo, so I learned about that. But that isn't so much about being psychic, but it's a religo-magical path where you use magic mixed in with Catholicism and native beliefs. Then I started reading. I was in a wheelchair until I was almost nine. I was deaf and mute. So I've faced some personal challenges and didn't develop as quickly as other people per se. I wasn't really active in sports so I had to find interests on my own. So I started developing quickly spiritually instead and what I lacked in physical I picked up on psychic sense.

Do you remember when the DC sniper was hitting the area a few years ago? I stayed in a condo in Alexandria. I had this fear and I got this uneasy feeling about guns going off and I kept thinking that someone was going to shoot through the window. I had the flu and when I went downstairs the guy said, "oh you're in your pajamas" and I said, "yeah I've had a touch of the flu, but I'm better now." I asked for a Washington Post and he said they were out of it. I asked if people were stealing it. He said, "No, haven't you heard about the sniper?"

So basically what I was picking up out in the psychic atmosphere was about people shooting people. So that's how sometimes if you're feeling sick you can be psychically receptive to a lot of things in your atmosphere. That's why you should take a psychic cleansing bath to clear your aura field because you could be picking things up like a sponge. That's why my grandmother always said to clean spiritually.

I think as a child I wanted to know why certain things happened. I saw a lot of stuff when I was a child. I saw children who were crippled in wheelchairs, blind children, but they always had a smile on their face. On an emotional level, you think those poor kids suffer, but they have a different mindset.

So that got me thinking that there was something spiritual to this. So when I started researching reincarnation and different things. I was always humble about it. There is always something greater than we can understand and I just started delving deeper and deeper. I didn't think that I had any abilities, but I would tell people about themselves and I thought they were just pulling my leg. They would tell me, "No, you're actually seeing stuff" and I just went along with it. Turns out what I was actually seeing was real things, that somehow I knew what was really going on whether I used tarot cards or not.

The turning point is when I started reading things about reincarnation and past memories. I had certain attractions to certain time periods and had past life regression done under hypnosis. I met Sybil Leek and studied with her for a little while. She passed away, but I started studying more and more and never gave up.

I have over 1,000 books just on magic and the esoteric. If there is a book that you can't get, just call me and say I need this book and I can tell you who wrote it and the year they wrote it and where to find the soft or hardcover edition. Any book you want, chances are good that I have it and if I don't I can tell you exactly where to get it. Someone asked me how many books I have and I said I don't know exactly, but I know when one is missing.

When I was in the lodge, the high priestess told me one time that I was a scribe in Egypt because I was always the one with books. So they made me the group librarian.

My thing that I do is to help people help themselves. I tell people if you want any kind of spiritual magic you have to work it on your own. I can guide you, I can teach you, I can show you how to do it, but I cannot interfere with your karma because ultimately at the end of the day it's between you and the higher powers.

I always take a cleansing bath. I use a whole bar of soap, believe it or not. I take a physical bath and then I take a spiritual bath from head to toe. Castile soap is to clean you psychically. Even when you read over the phone, you pick up negativity because you're dealing in energy and non-physical forces. You know how I was telling you about the energy in the atmosphere? You can pick that up without realizing it. You want to keep your aura clean.

I tend to be a jovial person and a good-natured person. I'll go through my moments, but 99% of the time I have a smile on my face. That's why these things help.

I do a lot of meditation between calls instead of drinking coffee. A lot of caffeine isn't good on the system. Basically I drink herbal teas and ask that the right and proper people who need my help come to me. I'm able to help people, that's what I do and what I really enjoy.