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Oracle Siren Rose

Oracle Siren Rose

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Oracle Siren Rose is a nurturing and compassionate psychic focused on helping you live your best life. With a message of gratitude and forgiveness, she uses her empathic and clairvoyant gifts to help you find your way to emotional healing.

"We are all Spirits living in a "Vibrational World". We are connected. We are part of collective consciousness. I'm not just talking about human beings. As humans, we tend to be a bit selfish, but we must recognize that we live on a planet with many different dimensions, there are many worlds and we have choices. We have free will and choice. If we choose connectedness, if we choose love, if we choose gratitude and forgiveness we'll have a better life."

It's interesting; I tell everyone when we talk that we are all spirits living in a material world. When they do find me, it's meant to be. They may have been there for me in another time and space, so we're just getting reacquainted.

First and foremost, I'm a spirit. Then if we want to add other labels and say different things whether it's part of my high self, my personality, I'm eclectic. I will say this much; I am a psychic. I am intuitive. I am an empath, which comes honestly through family lineage through the matriarchal, but also the patriarchal side of my family as well.

As an empath, I feel energy first and foremost, but I also see as a clairvoyant and hear as clairaudient. So, I'm clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant, but I'm also a healer. I work with crystals. I love, love, love crystals When I do my work, I'm not just a psychic who can feel, but a healer, a lightworker. I utilize every aspect of everything, every experience of my life when I connect with other energies.

Initially, it was through dream state. I'd have dreams. My dad used to have dreams, and I'd interpret his dreams, but he wasn't so comfortable with his gifts. My mother and grandmother were very comfortable with their gifts. My grandmother helped me with my gifts of insight. Also, as odd as it may seem, as a child in my grandmother's garden I could see little things. Just little things, I guess some people might call them fairies or energy. I literally found myself, which I still do now, talking to plants.

For me, it was the connection to my family lineage. The oddity was my dad's side, but as I mentioned he wasn't so comfortable with it. I think I'm very lucky because I had people who helped nurture my gift and didn't look at me like there was something wrong. It was everything about the Earth. It was everything about the stars. It wasn't, "oh you're strange." I came from a family of healers. My grandmother worked with herbs. There was nothing she couldn't grow in the ground. She taught me to speak to seeds and to recognize that when an eagle flies it not only sees the big picture but the details, and that a butterfly means transformation. I grew up in nature, and I grew up respecting it not as if I was separate from it, but as if I was one with nature.

My mother was a nurse, and I have a few doctors in my family. I come from a family of healers. My grandmother taught me how to connect with nature, but you know what my mother taught me? She taught me anytime I see someone to see the good in them. Not all good, because most people don't walk around all good. But she said before you leave anybody always find something good about them, even if it's just their shoes. Sometimes people make it difficult for you, but that's who she was, a healer.

I think they're all shared with my family. The beings that I describe to my mom and grandmother are the same ones they identified with. They aren't family member per se. We are in essence all family, so to say they aren't related to me would be silly.

When it really started hitting me, I was working with the head of development at a major network. He sat down next to me, took my hand, and said, "I heard you read." I started reading for him and it literally altered the course of his life. His parents were pressuring him to get married, and I said to him, "Why are you asking me about marrying a woman when you know you're gay?" Years later he thanked me, and he's now married to a man.

I was always aware of my gifts. I think that was a blessing I got. I talk to people all day long and let them know that they have this gift too. You know when you get a feeling in your gut if something doesn't' feel right. I'm able to tell people that they have this gift. All day long I let people know "this is your gift." It isn't exclusive.

I do a number of things from yoga and meditation to Qi Gong in the mornings to keep myself feeling good and healthy. That's not just for me, that's so each time I have a reading, I'm expanding consciousness and doing better and better each time.

The way I look at things, when I step outside, I'm aware that energies are watching me. I go outside and communicate. I go outside with my Great Dane, Sterling, and I talk with my ancestors every single day, and I give blessings. I do blessings, not just for my home, I say blessings to the trees, plants, flowers, and all life living and my neighbors, the community, the whole planet. I just stay connected.

I had a friend who was an amazing psychic, but she never cleaned her energy and ended up very ill. I loved her dearly, and I think it's one of the things that helped me understand it's about being authentic. You have to take care of yourself if you're going to be advising others to better themselves.

One of the things would be meditation. I do smudging. I burn candles in my home and program the crystals in my home. I don't just use the crystals on others; I use them for myself. Everything is important. Before I drink water, I wouldn't say every time, but most times, I purify it by blessing it. I bless my food. A lot of people think blessing has to do with religion, but a blessing also changes the structural content of whatever it is that you are blessing.

Whatever we put in our system is to replenish minerals and so forth. The Earth is three-quarters water, and we are three-quarters water. We need water. Water holds emotion, and that is why we are emotional beings. If you bless your food and bless your water that action alone takes care of a lot of negativity or poisons. I truly believe it.

Like when you're a little kid, and you drop some food, we'd kiss it, hold it up to the sky, and eat it. So you're doing something that is ritualistic, but it's doing something that changes the energy. That's what you do when you're blessing water, blessing food, eating right, working out, or whatever it is that you do. We're here to do better and better.

I do smudge my home as I said. This is my sacred space. My daughter reminds me when I leave the house that I live in a friendly universe. If I'm out there and something happens, I'll remind myself that I live in a friendly universe. I'm not your antagonist. I'm not going to turn around and chase someone down the street for cutting me off. Instead, I put light around me for protection, even them. Gratitude and forgiveness are very important.

You don't want to be the effect. You want to stay the cause. You don't want to be someone who is reactionary all the time. If you walk around all day angry about something you don't have control over, it affects your day and whomever you talk to. Who knows, you may end up blowing up at someone who is wondering, "what did I do?"

It takes time to get there. I wasn't always this way. I was that young person who was always for the underdog, never the bully. I was a little tiny thing, but I was fierce. If I saw a kid being picked on, I would stand up for them. I'm not a peacemaker, I'm a warrior, but the ultimate goal is peace. I'm not going to say I'm complete Zen. I'm not going to lie to you. But my goal is Zen.

I tell people if you want a blessing or love, you have to bring it. Bring it. Be what you're looking for. I work to make sure whatever I'm dishing out I can back it up. I think it's so important.

I'm a lightworker. I've flown to clients before, but if I can't get there, I can do mental and emotional work from a distance. I give people light and energy and show them how to do it. I'm not somebody who doesn't share my gifts. What I do, for instance, I'll tell someone to embrace the color of a particular light because the chakras each have a different light. I'll do things to help purify someone's energy with different colors. The crystals, I'll work with them by holding them and working with my tarot cards and other tools. The thing to understand, colors, numbers, vibrations, it's all everything. Some colors we wear vibrate at a faster rate than another color. I work with colors and crystals on a level of healing. That, along with being able to see and hear voices, which I believe are my angels.

I'm an angelic lightworker just so you know.

Even though I'm not a medium, I can talk to disincarnate beings. There was a woman who called me, and her mother had committed suicide. Now she said something interesting to me. She told me that someone told her she couldn't reach her mom yet because she hadn't been gone long enough. I said to her that was interesting because when I look into time and space, everything is cyclical. You can't take the Earthly time, linear time, because everything is cyclical. Even your clocks are cyclical, but they have you thinking linear. It's not about finite. It's about infinite. I explained to her that time doesn't really exist the way the person was trying to explain and that we could connect with her mother, which we were able to do.