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  • Multi-Generational Psychic Medium Spiritist Energy Worker with over 25 years experience, Advanced Remote Viewer, Depossessionist, Advocate for Mystical Children, Paranormal Investigator, Negative Spell Dissolution

*MASTER* Medium Jozette. Multi-Generational psychic/medium with over 20 years experience in delivering messages from the other side.

Medium Jozette feels she is best described as a psychic/medium energy worker who uses her communication skills to connect to the spirit realm and to the imprint of the energy that surrounds you. This connection is usually to spirits, angels, guides, and master teachers who she will ask to step forward to answer the questions you need guidance on. Those who have passed on see things so much more clearly than we can, and through this channel, Medium Jozette, communicates their messages directly to you in an easy to understand, honest, and friendly manner. A reading with Jozette will feel like spending a relaxing moment with a non-judgmental friend.

Mediumistic traits have been validated as far back as Medium Jozette's maternal grandmother, but perhaps further. Jozette's mother raised her only child with the intent of protecting her individuality and allowed her true intuitive nature to have a voice. Speaking with Spirit in her family was just done very naturally. Medium Jozette's mother, intentionally or not, instilled a belief in her very early on that the Holy Spirit, Saints, Angels, and Miracles unquestionable existed. Growing up, Jozette's mother was the cool mother in the neighborhood who would get down on the floor with all her friends and call out the spirits; her friends loved hanging out at her house on a weekend night. Experiences similar to these, tell the story of her own family's discovery of their gifts and how she eventually helped her daughters understand their unique gift of mediumship. This has led Jozette to one of her passions: working with families having trouble understanding their children's mystical abilities. She has encouraged both children and adults though, and has helped many gifted individuals find their purpose on their own spiritual path.

Medium Jozette has offered insight into other dimensions for the public for over 20 years, but you could say her first reading was given out of innocence as a 7 year old girl. One day her mother's coworker unexpectedly stopped by the family home to drop something off. Jozette approached the woman and told her about the two baby girls that were growing in her tummy. The coworker, laughed at what was soon to be fact, and upon a confirmation from her doctor, she realized she was pregnant and the small girl's prediction was accurate. Months later, the birth of two healthy twin girls offered validation of Jozette's gifts. Word quickly spread and this was the beginning of her growing accurate psychic reputation.

Medium Jozette is driven to help lost/earthbound souls find peace. She has helped many energies cross from a troubled existence into a peace-filled state; this work offers her an intense feeling of accomplishment when she is able to ease a soul's unhappiness. She has focused her energy mainly at the Battlefields at Gettysburg Pennsylvania, but has engaged in all areas of the paranormal: hauntings, demonic entities, Mothman sightings, UFO abductions, negative attachments and more; sometimes this work has been facilitated through investigation teams. If a malicious spirit is affecting you, draining your energy, or interrupting your home environment, Jozette can help; don't hesitate to call and reach out for direction.

Jozette considers it a privilege to serve those in need of her gifts. She will guide you to an enlightened place and help you see more clearly. By doing so, she will lovingly assist you with your Earth challenges which ultimately empowers you. No matter what you are seeking: remote viewing into a cheating partner, career progression, a connection to the afterlife, metaphysical healing, relationship predictions, or just a general peek ahead, Jozette's ability to see through the eyes of your soul may change your life forever.

Medium Jozette believes in her abilities and would love to share them with you.

  • HB47 04/09/2020
  • Phone Based Rating
  • DOUGS1967 04/05/2020
  • Always a pleasure reading and your empathy is typically spot on..Hopefully the dream went well with the KIDDO as she often refers to her. Looking forward to hearing back from you relating as well as her holding back. reached out after reading at 10pm and stated how is your evening. No replies as of 11:15 am Hopefully she was enlightened during her night...One other term she has used much of lately is Misery.. Even stating until she gets out of the mess she is basically living in misery. After she told me she was going to need meds after "getting out" she became relatively open after I asked where she was, stated one word reply "home" a week or so ago. Im sure partly due to the marriage and also may imply to many things during this virus. She is realizing tied under the roof with the current situation is driving her further into Misery and that is obvious at times. Lost a vacation with daughter, recall she even asked me if she should take her daughter to bahamas, and I replied it will be lasting Mother Daughter memories to cherish forever. I am sure that hit home loosing her dad in his mid 40's. She really has to be miserable, sticking it out for the kid is not always the best answer, the split is destined to happen regardless of timing and dear old Doug.
  • ORION77 04/03/2020
  • Great reading with Josette however I am fascinated by the summer travel prediction as I currently have no plans to take a trip at this time.
  • DOUGS1967 03/29/2020
  • Another fine job of reading as always. Jozette is extra ordinary in her abilities. 3/39/20 we will catch up soon, Brooke continues to turn towards me just not close enough to see as typical. This quarantine issue with virus has her struggling being on lock down and missing the Bahama trip I get the feeling she wants out of the household all together with many chats.. Interesting it does not effect m e too much being on basic lock down for so long for my past mistakes.
  • HINDRICKR0623 03/29/2020
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