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Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan

A Sincere Conversation with Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan was kind enough to take time out of his day to have an enlightening conversation with AskNow. At a young age, he dedicated his abilities to helping others change their lives. He is very open about his psychic abilities; his clairvoyant gift and how they are at work in his life.

"You have to look at all areas, avenues and sometimes you may even have to look into things that necessarily you may not want to look into. I specialize in reuniting loved ones, but to help somebody out, you have to look into everything. That's why throughout my session, I always let my clients know, whatever I feel or see, I am going to tell them and not hold anything back from them."

It's a third generation gift for me. My ability happened at a very young age. Obviously, when I first started noticing it, I didn't realize anything was going on. I just kept having visions and intuitions on what was going to take place. I didn't know what was happening. I was very fortunate because I had my grandmother, who had the gift, who was able to foresee the gift in me at a very young age and was able to help me understand it and help me explore it.

My gift is something I use for positive, not negative, obviously. My psychic ability is probably the strongest part of my ability. Yes, I am clairvoyant. But my psychic ability seems to be the most dominating gift.

My psychic ability seems to be more or less using my energy to foresee someone's energy or personal issues. My clairvoyant is different in a way. It's something I use as I'm going deeper into a session. The clairvoyance is basically not always turned on, so to speak. I have to tune into it and focus, where as my psychic ability is there at all times. I could just be meeting someone or having a normal conversation, and all the sudden I'll start picking up energies on that person without having any knowledge that I'll be doing that, because my ability is there.

I try not to put my ability on someone without having them accept it or want it. For example, there have been many times I've been around people who may not be open to it. I respect and understand that. I don't try to impose that on them or tap into their territorial energy.

I will feel that person out and if I feel there is something they need to know about, I will let them know in a very respectful way that there are things I'm picking up on and it's clearly up to them whether they want to indulge in that information or not.

It's not always easy. When you see something and you feel it could make a difference in someone's life, and you aren't able to tell them, it is challenging and it stresses you. You know that something is going to happen and you have to learn how to express that.

Basically, when you have a psychic ability, you have to be aware and your own personal feelings cannot come into play because it may confuse what you're seeing. For example, for a family member or friend, unfortunately, you aren't able to predict for them because you are so tuned into that individual that you see something that you want to see and it's easy to misunderstand what you see. And it doesn't work that way. At younger ages it wasn't difficult for me. At a young age I was able to see for friends and family members. At that young of an age you are in a different state of mind than you are, as you become an adult. As you become an adult, you look at things in an entirely different way and as you grow older you might see something that isn't really there. Does that make sense to you?

Exactly. As you get older you tend to see things differently and it makes things it much more difficult to see things for your family. For example, if you have a sibling going through a relationship issue, you know the way they feel about this person and you know how devastated they'd be if something happened to this relationship. It would be difficult to see things in a true way, because you are so tuned into them, you don't want to see any harm come to them and you might not be able to see what it really is because you don't want to bring hurt to that individual. Not that you want to bring hurt to anyone, that's not that case. Nobody wants to hurt anybody. But when you're so tuned into someone, it's more difficult and more complicated to pick up with 100% accuracy what's going on.

By the time I was 6 or 7, I would feel things. At the time, I had no idea what it was. There were times when I felt I had dreamt certain things and later found out that they were not dreams, but actually visions that I had previously seen.

By the time I was 10, I understood it more and had my grandmother, who was picking up on it. She saw that I had the ability. She handled it in such a gentle way with me, so that she never just came out and said it, because how do you say it to a child who doesn't understand? She coached me throughout and by the time I was 10, I started to realize what I had and that's when she started to explain to me about it. At that time I knew she had the gift too, so I wasn't wondering where it came from. I knew my grandmother had the gift, so when she would took me under her wing and let me experience her sessions with other people, I would get the same feelings, pick up on the same things she was picking up on and I was able to put two and two together and realize I had the gift. She was able to coach me and on how to dig deep within myself and how to define my ability.

The one thing that always stood out to me as a child growing up, my first true intuition came to me when I was going on 9 or I had just turned 9. I had a very close friend of mine, we were really close the way most kids are. We were walking to school one day, as we were walking to school like we always did, we took the same route. I remember very clearly one day we were walking to school and all the sudden a vision came to me. It was like scenes flashed before more. What happened, was a few nights prior, I saw images in my dream. That's what I took it as at the time. I was at the corner and I saw another person with us at this corner at a four-way stop sign. Then I saw this vehicle coming from nowhere and run right into this other individual that was there with us right on that corner. I remember it being very brutal, very violent, just a horrible thing.

When I got up from that dream I never really paid any mind to it. I went about my business and then that one day we were walking to school, everything came back to me. It was like everything just fell into place. I remember saying something's wrong. I grabbed my friend and that person on that corner and said we have to move from here. We ran across to the other side of the street. Sure enough, as soon as we did that the same vehicle that I saw in the vision came crashing right into that exact same spot that we had just left.

When I came home I was completely shaken. I told my family what happened, and my grandmother was there, and that's when she finally sat down and told me what happened. That I had a vision of that and because of my ability I was able to save someone's life. She told me that God had given me this gift and that it's something I need to treasure and use for positive energy. From that moment on, it was the very first thing that I saw that impacted my life and someone else's life. That's when I realized what I have is very special and decided that I was going to learn more about it. I looked deep within myself and use my life for positive and make a difference in people's life. That's what I've done. It only gets stronger as years go on, the more you tune into it the stronger it gets.

Like anything else you do in this world, you have to have time alone to deal with your thoughts. You have to give yourself some time to have energy and thoughts for yourself. It takes a lot out of you. Unless you put some time aside for yourself, it can overwhelm you, unless you know how to deal with it.

You have to let yourself be normal. When you have these gifts, you're not normal in some ways. What I mean by that is that you, for example, have a job that when you're at work, you're at work and when you leave work you're done. We don't have that. We always have that ability and it's always on and making you aware of surrounding things. You could be out for dinner with your family and you could be picking up on that server. It's not like you have the ability to turn it on and off. That's why you have to have time alone to unwind and relax.

You have to be a strong person to be a psychic. The things that we deal with and go through with other people make it so that we connect with people on a different level because we feel what they are going through, we see what they are going through and we have to know how to handle certain situations. Not everything we see is positive. That's what people may have a misconception of, the same way we see positive things, we see negative things as well and that can be difficult to deal with.

Exactly. You have to look at all areas, all avenues and sometimes you may have to look into things that you don't want to look into, but to help somebody you may have to look into everything. That's why throughout my sessions, I always let clients know that whatever I feel or see I'm going to tell them and not hold anything back from them.

If they tell me that they only want to know positive things, I owe it to them to follow what they want. It's difficult to hold back, but if they only want to know then by far I'm not going to tell them something they don't want to know. It's their right and their opportunity whether they want to know something or not. Just because I see something doesn't mean I have the right to tell them. I have to respect their wishes.

There was one client who called me awhile back ago. They were going through a very difficult point in their life. They were going through career disappointments and things weren't looking good for career wise. This client was involved in a long-term relationship. They had strong feelings for each other, but given their personal issues with career aspects and finances were taking them down a bad pathway. This person felt they'd never be able to recover their relationship and get back on track with the financial aspect.

To top it all off, they wanted to have a child together and one of them couldn't have children. This was something they always wanted and unfortunately everything around them was completely falling apart. Their career was falling apart, their dreams were falling apart and most importantly their relationship was falling apart.

When this individual called me, devastated obviously, feeling as if their life was just about to end, was ending right before their eyes. They didn't know how to deal with anything that was going on and was lost and confused. Through my session and my ability, I was able to help lead them and guide them down the right path. All the sudden they were back on the path of building their relationship. I had given them the advice of which path they needed to choose to turn their business around by giving them some information they needed that they couldn't see for themselves. I was able to help them, because the person they were in contact with was trying to purchase their business. And this person who was purchasing their business was trying to take advantage of them since this person knew what they were going through and they weren't in their right mind. My client thought at the time that this was the best decision for them and selling the business would help them. Well, I was able to show them that it was something that wasn't positive for them to do and they needed to not let go of the business. They said, "if I keep the business then I'll wind up losing the business and then I'll lose everything". I was able to lead them in the right direction. There was someone else who wanted to help them and they were overlooking that and felt that it wouldn't make a difference. Sure enough, I led them down the right path and that person was the person who helped financially with the business aspect. They were able to turn that business around and it turned into a major corporation.

Through that they wound up learning how to deal with their own issues they were having with one another in their marriage. I told them how they were going to help themselves and get through it. I guided them in the right direction.

Sure enough, they are very much in love with another. They did have that child; it was twins. Their business has grown to the point that they don't have to worry anymore. They call me on a regular basis. The best part is the person who called me was a believer, but the spouse was a non-believer and wanted nothing to do with them calling me. They weren't going to participate and encouraged their spouse to not go through with it. The spouse was not a believer and everything turned out perfectly. I told them such personal things that made such a difference in their life. Just by telling them what path to choose and how to choose, they took those paths and wound up getting to where they are at today.

I had someone come in to get a general reading and the moment I sat down with him I picked up a very negative energy surrounding them. I felt there was something seriously wrong with them in his heart. I felt something blocking and causing issues. This person looked as healthy as could be. I told them I could feel something around their heart and they needed to get medical attention right away. They said, "I feel fine, I've never had any health issues. I really encouraged them to not put it off and go get it checked out right away. I persisted enough they made an appointment right away. Sure enough, the doctor found a major blockage and had to operate right away. The doctors said if they hadn't come in when they did that they may have not been around much longer.

Getting a reading is not just learning about your past and present and finding out about your future. It is a healing process at times. And there is certain information that just by knowing you can use to change certain destinies.