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Psychic Clarissa


A Compelling Conversation with Clarissa

Clarissa is a compassionate clairvoyant who offers intuitive and honest readings for all of her clients. She comes from a large family of gifted women and is guided by the spirits of the women in her family who have passed. Clarissa's specialty is love and relationships and her visions will guide you in all of your most important relationships.

"I have a really good sense of what people in a relationship are feeling or thinking. I can tune right in to that type of thing. The big question, obviously, is people want to know what the other person is thinking. That's something that I'm able to tune into relatively quickly. Not all of my news is good news, but people need to know one way or the other if a relationship is going to work or if the person has the same feelings. It's nice to be able to cut to the chase, you know?"

I'm very much a vision person. The way I do my readings is through visions. These visions are coming from my guides, and my guides are usually working with the guides that are surrounding the people I'm giving a reading to. When someone comes to me for a reading, I envision a path and it's their life path. They might have a question of "when will I see money" or "are we going to be together". What I do is focus in on their life path. That's why timelines can be tricky. It can be hard to gauge where on the path something is going to happen. I'd like to say that we're given a big calendar with a big red x marked saying October 15th is the day! But that's not how it works. I see a pathway and I'll say I'm looking far down your path and I'm still seeing this person with you and to me that indicates it'll be a long term committed relationship. But if I look on their life path and in a very short distance this person is completely off their life path or on a separate path going in a different direction, that is an immediate "I'd love to say this is going to work out but I don't see it in your life so it looks like it's going to be the end of the road."

My guides are all the female members who have passed in my family. I know that for a fact. Everyone has the path they have to go on of realization and a path of knowledge and learning. Before I even do a reading, I ask my guides, particularly my great-grandmother, because she comes in the strongest, she is a force to be reckoned with, I always ask please tell me what they are meant to learn. A lot of times it's patience. You're being taught patience or you're learning a lesson here.

I'll be able to explain to them what they are meant to learn through really hard situations. There is a reason for why they are going through what they are going through and when they break out of that they are onto it's to the next lesson. That's forever what I'm asking; if you could please let me know what they are meant to learn.

I'll tell you something else; people will ask specific questions. And most things I can pick up on, but I will tell you that the guides can block you. They will block you if the information isn't meant for you or your client to know.

I'll give you a good example. I have a client who has made a solemn promise not to do something ever again. It's a repeating pattern that she does. It's something she constantly does and it gets her in trouble. She's made a promise that she's not going to do that. Then her next question is, "will I be able to keep that?" She made a promise to God she said. I told her you've made this promise to God that you're going to keep this promise and not do this behavior again. That's great. Now if I tell you that you aren't going to keep this promise, you'll give up tomorrow. If I tell you that you are going to keep this promise and you break it, because there is always free will, that puts me in a bad light and really the decision is up to you. Ultimately, I'm telling you that my guide has blocked me from the answer to this, so I can't tell you if you're going to break this problem. My guides are telling me that it isn't a good idea if she knows.

It's not my job to make the future. I can predict the future and see around corners to what's going to happen down the line. But if I start telling people where to be at exact times, I've stopped telling the future and I'm now making the future. Yes, our guides won't give us all the answers all the time and that's because we aren't meant to know and our client isn't meant to know where this is going.

It's kind of hard to say when I recognized that I had the gift because my whole family has it. All the women in my family have it. In fact, my sisters have it, my mother, my mother's mother. It wasn't really discussed in the family, it was just like it was a given. I think the first time I realized we all had it was when my grandmother passed away. It was the day that she passed away and I woke up from a dream that she passed away and I told my mother. I said, you know I had a dream that grandma passed away. I must have been about six or seven. She said yeah, I had the same dream. I'm going to the car now. She looked at me like "yeah, I had the same dream so it must be". It was like a moment of knowing. And sure enough, she had passed away.

Then I kind of realized that growing up with everybody, it's hard to get anything over on one of us. If someone took our shoes, we just went right to the source. You didn't even have to ask.

Love and relationships, for the most part. I have a really good sense of what other people, especially in a relationship, are feeling or thinking. I can tune right in to that type of thing. The big question, obviously, is people want to know what the other person is thinking. That's something that I'm able to tune into relatively quickly. Not all of my news is good news, but people need to know one way or the other if a relationship is going to work or if the person has the same feelings. It's nice to be able to cut to the chase, you know?

I've always been incredibly auditory my entire life. Fortunately, as a young kid I was very much musically inclined. Many members of my family are very good musicians. For me, my instrument was my voice. I realized that I was developing my ear. I find it no accident that through my music training that my ear was always my strongest part of my whole instrument. I had perfect pitch and could pick up things right away. Reading music became very frustrating because it was quicker for me to hear it once and reproduce it than to read the music. I really had a good ear and I felt like that was something of a natural gift. This type of reading is really in alignment with my natural abilities. I listen to the finest details and I'm able to pick up things by listening.

Before every call and in between every call I use sage. I burn sage between the calls just so that I'm not picking up the energy of the call before. A lot of my clients will say you were just logged on and then you logged off and I didn't see you for five minutes and now you're back on. I always say that's exactly when I'm cleansing my workspace so the next reading I give is free of whatever energies and I can focus on the person that I'm giving the reading to at that moment.

I do a lot of meditation. As a matter of fact, I love when my clients do this, but I had a client call me this morning and she asked if I could do a meditation because she was going to call me later that night. It was a short call, but she was basically prepping me and a lot of my clients will do that for a later call. When I can take the time in the silence, I can better tune into the person I'm trying to read or the person they want to know about. I think the silence helps. A lot of times, people will call and want a reading and there's a lot of chatter back and forth and things can get kind of jumbled. It's nice to have that silence of meditation. It's important that I am able to have that time to meditate on the situation.

Sometimes I'll tell my clients on chat to give me a moment so they know that I didn't disappear or the computer crashed. I'll even go through my list of clients and meditate on them one at a time on my day off to see where they're at so when they do call me we can talk about that. I don't just work when I'm on the phone or computer with a client, I also work with them when I'm on my own and by myself in meditation and it just makes the next reading just that much better.

I had a client who came to me over a year ago and she had talked to many people who had told her that this one gentleman at work was her soul mate. I explained to her that this person wasn't the person she wasn't meant to be with, even though she had heard from other psychics that he was the one.

I don't like to give bad news, just because you want someone to be your soul mate doesn't mean they are. Otherwise, Brad Pitt would be everyone's soul mate and that's just not the way it works.

She was taken aback and I think she was mad at me for a while. She would come into these readings and my reading wouldn't change no matter how many times she tried. A lot of the times a client will want something so bad, they'll try to convince the psychic. And I get that they want something really bad and want me to change the reading, but I just wouldn't change the reading.

But she gave up on me because it wasn't the reading she wanted. But I recently heard from her, probably a month ago, and I haven't read for her in about a year. She met someone else. Out of curiosity, I asked if she had remained in contact with this person. Apparently she told him she was interested and he had a girlfriend and was flattered but not interested. It was bittersweet. I wanted him to say I'd love to start seeing you romantically, to make her feel good. But I was relieved a little bit that I was seeing the wrong thing. I never want to give bad advice or a reading that is off the mark. Those situations are often bittersweet for me.