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See into Darkness with Sorcha's Light

AskNow recently sat down to an illuminating conversation with Psychic Sorcha. Her calming voice will help quiet your fears and show you the way forward. Using her natural gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship, Sorcha has many ways to help you find answers and gain clarity.

"My name literally means light or torch or star. My goal is to illuminate whatever is out there. I love how my gift can help people understand situations a lot more clearly. Clarity is the main goal."

First of all, as a master clairvoyant, I'm able to see the intent of others. That I would say that is my largest and most powerful gift. I see people's intent. I see outcomes in situations. I am able to see recent situations that are coming up. I can also see into the past. So I know where a person is at that moment. I can feel where they have been and where they are going. I know where they're coming from. Knowing where someone is coming from is the key, to me, for being a good psychic.

As a medium, I am very powerful at connecting people with those who have passed on. I work with missing person's cases. I also have done cleansings as a paranormal investigator and I'm a published author who writes about spiritual warfare.

I feel that if I had to say my main specialty would be broken hearts, broken marriages, broken lives. I can see where it's going and how to mend it. I kind of feel like I'm saying "okay, let's go over this way". I'm able to tap into where a situation and person are going.

I channel through names and locations. I love Shakespeare and he said "you know what you are, not what you will be." And that resonates in my heart so strongly. I would love for everyone to know before they call me that they know not what they will be. My goal is to help them see that. They only know where they are today, not where they will be tomorrow. That's my job; to show them that, where they are going and where they will be tomorrow.

I was very small. I was noticing that I could discern the feelings of others. I was an empath and did not recognize it until later in life. I was able to feel when someone was going to pass. I could feel their intentions. I was able to see things that at first, when I was a child, I thought everyone was able do that.

I feel that there's a little bit of psychic in all of us, I really do, and I love that. I love how everyone has some wonderful gift, but I discovered it when I was a young child. It could be because my gifts evolve over time. I feel as if when I channel someone, sometimes I'll go through a period of time when the mediumship abilities come through the strongest and it will stay that way for a couple of months. Then it will evolve again and the time line prediction abilities will come forth for a while. It just seems that my gifts re-evolve, which I find very enlightening because that's what the universe is all about: the evolving and revolving, the seasons changing and just how there is a pattern for our lives. Everything has patterns and the universe has set up these rules and order in patterns. It makes sense to me that as a psychic I see those patterns within myself. I think that's really amazing and really great.

Mostly I use my clairvoyance, more than anything else. I follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit in my heart. The spirit will lead me and guide me. That is my main tool. I feel if I'm not tapped into the Holy Spirit than there is no point in me reading for them. I do have crystals with me. I use lapis lazuli and I use rose quartz. I have a beautiful rose quartz crystal orb on my desk. I also use tarot cards. I sometimes read tea leaves. But I don't use those in every reading.

It depends on the prompting of my clairvoyance with the particular client with what I use. Sometimes I can feel before a client calls, I can feel them and what's coming. My clairvoyance will say okay we need this. For example, I might need tarot cards. I'll get them out, get them charged up and ready. So it depends on the client what tools I use. I don't always use the same ones with everyone. It depends on what I sense they need; it's all about them and not what I do.

Absolutely. I think that being a psychic, to me, is all about patterns and rituals. I pray. I pray, meditate, it's kind of funny because I actually pace and pray. I don't know why the pacing is important; I think it helps me feel more strength. But I channel the Holy Spirit and that is my ritual. I feel the need to just pray for everyone at AskNow, my clients before and after they call. I actually have a list of all my clients. I have a box and I put their names and their situation as I see it in that box so that I can pray over every single one of them every single day. That's how the connection works with my clients. We keep that energy flowing back and forth. It's amazing the change that can be experienced through that.

I feel that essential oils are important, relaxation techniques are very important to me, breathing techniques are important. I have to get close to nature. I have to be close to water. That's what nurtures my gift. I'm not sure why and I don't question it that much. I just go with what I feel. Every place has its own energy vibration. I believe that everyone needs to find where they feel that vibration is the strongest. For me, I need to be near water. I need to be able meditate. I need to nurture my clairvoyance. I have to be able to feel it. It may sound strange, but for example, what I'm wearing matters. If I know I'm going to have a certain type of reading with someone, I'll tell them to wear a certain color. What they are wearing matters.

I nurture my gift by being careful of what I wear, what I eat, what I drink, where I'm going. I believe where our feet take us is important. I stay out of toxic places. Being around the water is the most nurturing to my gift that I can acknowledge.

Yes! Actually I do. I have a freshwater lake in my backyard. So here it is: we have a pool and behind that pool is the lake and the beach is right there. I have three water elements, and the number three is very powerful. And I have three water elements right there that really helps nurture me.

I also have to say that my husband has a big part in nurturing my gift. He's a Scorpio and he's an ox in the Chinese horoscope and I'm a snake. The ox and the snake are the very best combination for love. We do have the best combination and he's an expert numerologist. When you're in a relationship that is a positive combination for you¿it matters. That is key for me. With my clients, I want to see them be in relationships and situations that really make things work for them. I know where they are. I've been there myself and so I know where they are going. I want to see what nurtures them.

Yes. One time I felt the pool. I was floating on my back looking at the clouds. I had a specific person on my mind and I was seeking an answer. You know, I think our minds are amazing. Our minds are always working on a puzzle, even when we're not aware consciously of working on a puzzle. My mind is constantly working on puzzles. Well, I was floating in the pool and I saw an eagle so clearly in the clouds. It hold me right there and gave me the answer that I was looking for. There are very ancient people who did cloud readings. That's what started me on the path to cloud reading. When you see an image in the clouds, it means something; it's not just random, because the universe doesn't do that. The universe doesn't do random acts. There is a meaning for those signs.

I choose the ocean a lot. That, to me, nurtures my inner most soul. I'm very big on boundaries and I believe that we all have to draw our own boundaries. I think it's so exciting that even the sea has a boundary. It knows where to stop. For me and my life and for the lives of those who I help through my gift, it's important to know here's where I'm going to stop, here is where it stops. Also, as the waves go in and out, it takes whatever you put in that water and brings it back. The universe is the same way. Whatever we put out there comes back. It's so wonderful and amazing. So I do gravitate to the beach and the sea the most.

When I was a child we went to the river a lot, a beautiful river. I actually had one of my first psychic experiences under the water in that river. So it could be that is why water nurtures me so well. I don't know I just love it.

When I was a child I used to sneak out of our camp and go out into the river at night and swim. I loved swimming in the moonlight. To this day my parents don't know that I did that. I loved swimming underwater at night with the darkness of the sky, the darkness of the water, the light of the moon. It just fed me; fed my soul.

So I went under water and this thought occurred to me that I was going to let this water float me all the way down and take me wherever it wanted to take me and not worry. Of course it was very dangerous, but I wasn't thinking that at the time. I was just thinking I just need to stay under this water forever. So I let the water take me under. I can remember that the water was swirling around and the current was very strong and was sweeping me under. Suddenly as I was swirling under the water I had this image of the principal at my elementary school. I didn't know why Mr. Thomas came into my mind. At that time I didn't know I was psychic. I didn't understand. The water took me further than I expected and I had to find my way back to camp. The whole time I kept thinking about the principal at my school.

We went home the next day and only a few days later we found out the principal had passed. He had actually passed by having a car accident and his car had gone into a lake. He was under the water and that's where they found him. I mentioned this to my dad that Mr. Thomas was under the water. I think that moment was what started getting me involved in missing person's cases and things in that arena because I can feel where they are. I can feel where they're calling to me from

Yes. It seems like it's mostly been with children and teens. There have been a few cases with people who are older. I'm not sure why my gift is geared towards children and teens. To me a person is not missing ever. They are never missing. Their spirit is always there. I believe heaven is a real place. We can channel where someone is, whether they are here on Earth or have passed.

To me a person that is missing, say they are passed and hidden in the ground, is no different to a person haunting a house. To me, it's all the same. They call to me as if they are alive, even though they're not and I can tell where they are.

I can tell when someone's going to pass. It's one of my biggest gifts. It's a curse and a blessing. If I'm channeling someone who is missing I can tell whether they've passed or not. What's interesting is it's the same thing in relationships. I can feel the death of a relationship or if it's still alive and has a future. I just don't think that anything is ever really dead it just transforms.

Let me explain it this way: you know that feeling you get when you walk into a funeral home? Everything is dead, everything is still with fake flowers everywhere and everything is silent and quiet. When I feel that feeling like I walked into a funeral home I know the relationship is gone. It's gone and I don't believe in resuscitating something that's already gone. You can't keep pushing on the chest of a relationship trying to revive it. Eventually you have to call it, just like in the emergency room of a hospital. My gift is to see if this relationship is truly gone or not, if you can resuscitate this and if so, how. I get to feel if it's gone or is it still here. If I don't get that feeling of the funeral home than I know it's still alive, and I love that.

I think the most memorable session I had was with a client on AskNow who was involved with someone who had passed away. I knew that and we had done several readings. I knew this person's name; I did not know anything about it. Through the reading I saw other people who had passed. I saw other people involved in their circle. The beautiful thing is a song came to my head just then. I asked what is it about this song that is important to you? She said, "oh my gosh, my daughter danced to that song years and years ago. The connection between the song, her daughter and all of these people connected in such a beautiful way and there was no way that I could have known that. I think it's the most memorable because that person who passed touched me and illuminated that song for a purpose.

So many people came to my mind it took me a minute to grab which one was the most memorable.