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Psychic Lucian

Psychic Lucian

Psychic Lucian's Connection to the Divine

Psychic Lucian is a true psychic and clairvoyant who channels many spiritual beings from other realms. His eclectic knowledge and charming voice will be a welcome guide as you begin your spiritual journey of discovery and reconnection. His mission in life is to help you understand that your physical life reflects of your inner soul so that you make positive changes that bring you happiness and fulfillment.

"Truly, I'm only a guide to get you to the point that the Universe gives you what you ask for. I'm here to connect with your Divine self and remind you that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Namaste."

My gift, and this is definitely over a lifetime, is that I channel. I also communicate through spirit guides. At the age of four I encountered my first spirit guide in dreams. It was a black wolf and it would talk to me and tell me things. It would come to me as my parents were separating.

I am also clairvoyant and that means I see into people's auras, chakras or through to different realms. Sometimes if I close my eyes I can see more of the person's light body and I can actually see in the aura and see what's coming in the future. Depending on where I see the thought form and if it's far from the aura or close and my spirit guide will tell me a time frame of when it will manifest.

At times I am clairaudient and I can hear who I'm channeling and the person I'm reading for will tell me that I sound just like them. It depends on if that's what they need to hear the message.

I channel different ascended masters. One is Lord Ashtar, he's actually multi-dimensional and an alien. And also I channel Maitreya. And I have to honestly say that none of my spirit guides are actually people who have passed over. They are multi-dimensional beings, whether they are ascended masters, angels or nature devas.

Also, I'm truly psychic. I use the tarot deck as a way of communicating with my guides. I don't really use it in the traditional form. Neither one of my guides ever had a physical form or body so that's how they communicate. I designed a system through numbers and the tarot deck so they can relay messages to me while I'm doing readings.

I'm very well versed in magical or esoteric teachings. One of the traditions that I learned at 18 years old was a form of Celtic shamanism. I was a student of a student of Master Victor Anderson, which is the way of the fae, or the faery. In the path workings that I did, and path workings being meditations where you go on a shamanistic journey, I came in to contact with some of the faery devas or nature devas that are spirit guides who communicate with me.

The very first experience I had was when I was four and my parents were going through a lot and they divorced. This was when Buddy, he's actually multi-dimensional being and has many names, would visit me as a black wolf and tell me things. He'd tell me that my parents were going to get divorced. I remember telling my mom, "I don't want you to get divorced". She asked who told me that and I told her Buddy told me.

This wolf still visits me in dreams, but we communicate more with telepathy. At that time it was almost cartoonish. He'd walk on hind legs and we'd always meet in this one room, almost like meeting for tea, and his mouth would kind of move. Now when he visits me, he communicates more through telepathy and eye contact. That was my first experience.

And I have to tell you that I've definitely been blessed. I've always been spiritual and a healer or a psychic counselor throughout many lifetimes. In this incarnate lifetime I was blessed with a very strong spiritual upbringing. My grandmother was very much a healer and midwife. I was always blessed with teachers to groom me through my evolution process in this incarnate lifetime.

My grandmother was just the first of many teachers. My own self-awareness about being a psychic didn't really happen until I was 19. That is when I got my first tarot deck and it was amazing, it was an epiphany. There was a very tremendous transference of energy as I was looking at the cards. There were many dreams with residual energy from my past lives and different places in the world and different times in history

Ever since I was 19, I started doing service for humanity and doing readings for people. There is a metaphysical store that is sort of like my home. I started doing readings there and within a month this store had a line out the door of people waiting to have a reading with me.

At the age of 35 I became a very strong channel. That's the time that Lord Ashtar, Maitreya and other ascended masters started channeling through me. A lot of times when someone gets a reading with me, my spirit guides will communicate with their spirit guides. There will always be a shift of energy and it's actually healing people. Energy is evasive and what I mean by that is that it can't be held in a container. Much like ice water in a glass will create condensation, we are able to expand consciousness in the same way.

When I say I'm the love expert it is about connecting people back to people they want to be connected to or a relationship if it's for the good. Through the process they find out that they were always complete and that what they were going through never really had to happen because what they're searching for was always within them.

My mission is to help humanity get reconnected with that and know that love is truly not about an attachment. When you vibrate that frequency yourself, everything falls into place. Lots of time when I do readings it's about helping people reunite with lovers, or when they'll find that relationship, but it's also teaching them how to get to that point. Truly the message is that we're already complete inside.

I have a crystal sphere and an obsidian sphere that I use as a doorway. Scrying is basically going deep within to connect with spirit guides. And the crystal or fire is a way of putting myself in a trance so I can go between worlds or to go deep within the client to help extract negative thought forms.

I also work with Pythagorean numerology. The tools are different types of stone spheres and I work with crystals a lot. I do a lot of healing modalities and I also use pendulums and the tarot deck.

It's all about consistency. At the end of every day I always do an aura cleansing bath that has salt and a blend of essential oils. Because I connect energetically with that person during a reading, I will cut the cord and cleanse the space before starting the next reading. That way the energy is clear and I don't pick up on residual energy from the previous reading. I have to tell you that 80% of my rituals are cleansing rituals.

Also, certain energies have frequencies that may be damaging to the physical, mental or emotional body. When these guides are coming through me, I connect with my God self and the Supreme Being and say, "Let these beings that are channeling through me be of a vibration or frequency that isn't harmful to me."

I am always about validation. I have a client who I speak to on the phone and we've been doing sessions now for over two months. Her own evolution process started with love and I'd tell her this is going to happen and this is when he'll return. Still to this day it's her knowing, not believing, but knowing that anything is possible because she's already complete.

A month ago I was doing a reading for a woman who was going through a lot of suffering. She wanted to know why she couldn't be happy in love. Instantly one of my guides, Isaiah, who is a healer that has walked this Earth before and evolved into a multi-dimensional being, told me that I needed to open up the passages.

I took her on a journey that connected her to all of her past lives and told her to let go of any negative patterns or suffering. As I was telling her this she said, "oh my god, my headaches are gone. I have constant pressure and migraines and they're gone." What happened is these are all things she couldn't let go of from past lives. Also, at the end of that reading I told her that within three months she'd meet someone.

She was always attracting people who wanted to dominate her, discredit her and physically abuse her. So that was instant validation that her migraine was gone and it was all in connection to everything she was holding on from her past lives. By that physical pain being gone, I know that she believes she'll be happy in love!