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Psychic April Moon

April Moon

Heal Your Spirit with April Moon

April Moon is a warm and nurturing psychic with lifelong empathic abilities and a passion for healing. She's enhanced her natural gifts through a deep study of holistic healing and exploration of all mind-body-spirits connections.

"I use all the mind-body-spirit channels just to connect with my clients. I can see auras, and chakras and energy connections between people. I'm also strongly empathic so I pick up mentally, psychicly and emotionally exactly what a client is experiencing. So my clients know they do not have to walk around feeling anxious, fearful or confused not when the answers are right in front of us. "

I've gone back and forth with the healing work and the psychic work for 30 years. I grew up in this environment. It was early on that I naturally started combining them both and incorporating all aspects of my healing abilities and psychic gifts into the readings.

There was never a question about my gift. Everyone pretty much knew it was a dominant part of my personality. I would openly point things out as I was growing up. My gifts were spoken of openly by other family members who themselves were seers or mediums. But at times when I was younger, when it might become uncomfortable or scary, my mom would quietly explain to me how extraordinarily different and how special I was compared to other children. She said not to worry because I would always be able to see the truth in any situation. She learned to trust my gift and have faith in it long before I began to even understand it. She would reassure me by telling me stories about family members who were also gifted seers and healers.

When I was in high school, there was a Halloween weekend when my friends and I decided to take a road trip to explore Old Salem, Massachusetts. It was always a place I was intrigued with. We came upon the oldest teahouse in history. Both my grandmother and great-grandmother read tealeaves, so I was really intrigued and we wanted to go inside and have our tealeaves read.

As soon as we walked in I had this floating feeling, like I entered into another realm. It was very harmonious. I didn't even have a chance to book an appointment, because as I was standing in the doorway this old relic of a woman came over and sat in front of me. As soon as our eyes met, she asked me if she could bless me. I nodded and she sort of slowly raised her hand and left it on the top of my head and I think she was whispering a prayer. My friends were a little freaked out, but I didn't feel any fear at all, just total connection, total acceptance.

When she was done she asked if I would sit with her and she kind of motioned to a dimly lit room at the end of the hall that I was drawn to like a magnet. I was very intrigued by the shimmering energy, it just enveloped my spirit. So I went into her room that was filled with tapestries, candles and crystals. She sat me down and started speaking. She said that she had been waiting for my arrival, but she had been directed by her guides upon my arrival to bless me and show me my life path. She was the first of many teachers and she disclosed to me the nature of my gift.

Back then I would say that the term indigo child was not used. But I feel like the combination of the many abilities on both sides of my family culminated into this place and time for me that she said could now come into the light. Things that were usually done in secret would now raise awareness. This gifts and talents would be able to be used and cultivated openly. She said it was how I was blessed. It was a timing thing for me.

Yes, I did. I think it's hard enough to be a small child in a big grown up world. But when you're unable to discern what these ominous energies are swirling around you, it's only natural to be frightened. I remember when I was six or seven years old, when I first started reading, my uncle gave me a children's Bible. It was a giant book that was illustrated so beautifully with gorgeous watercolors. This book stayed in bed next to me constantly. I read those stories over and over again. It taught me to pray and I prayed constantly to my angels and guides. I thought the angels connected me to the security and beauty of my own inner soul, so that I could go to this inner space and connect with my personal angels.

They were just an infinite source of wisdom and comfort. I still feel that they are ever present. That was something that I had to come to terms with on my own. But I wouldn't say on my own, because I had family members who guided me and provided comfort. I don't think we ever really do anything on our own, especially when you have a large family like I did.

I see myself as a being a bit different than a psychic, because I'm also a holistic health practitioner. That means I use all the mind-body-spirit channels to connect with my clients. I focused fully and wanted to become a holistic health practitioner because it would open up and attune all of my mind-body senses, as well as cultivating the spirit, which is so necessary when communicating with my guides. It was always important to me, as a healer, to open up as many of my own channels that I possibly could so I could connect with a broader range of people. I can see auras, chakras and energy connections between people. I'm also strongly empathic and I can pick up mentally, physically and emotionally what a client is experiencing.

I studied for years to become a Reiki master to send a remote healing. I also have studied homeopathy and vibrational medicine, as well as feng shui and crystal healing. I use crystals, candle work and tarot cards, but I also use angel cards and pendulums in my readings. These serve as aids in picking up information. But generally, I just connect. With time, my psychic abilities have grown over the years. I've found that the body itself is simply the greatest divining rod ever made. When I can connect directly with a client, I get a lot of information right from them.

I've always been incredibly auditory my entire life. Fortunately, as a young kid I was very much musically inclined. Many members of my family are very good musicians. For me, my instrument was my voice. I realized that I was developing my ear. I find it no accident that through my music training that my ear was always my strongest part of my whole instrument. I had perfect pitch and could pick up things right away. Reading music became very frustrating because it was quicker for me to hear it once and reproduce it than to read the music. I really had a good ear and I felt like that was something of a natural gift. This type of reading is really in alignment with my natural abilities. I listen to the finest details and I'm able to pick up things by listening.

Before I begin my sessions, I do have a daily ritual of blessing and cleansing my sacred space. I first fill the room with sacred music. My favorite is Tibetan Mantras for Turbulent Times. It's wonderful. It's incredibly calming and healing with beautiful chanting. While this is playing, I read the space to get a sense of the balance. If it needs a smudging, or if not, and the space is fine, I'll just let the natural light in.

I have a beautiful prayer candle that I light and sometimes I'll put incense in the room, whatever I feel that I need to put in to balance it out. I fill the room with loving energy and I meditate prior to sessions. I ask the universe to bring me those people I can help most that day. I focus on drawing them near and allow the different stages of relaxation to move downward, opening up all the chakras.

Ultimately they resonate with me and I thank the spirit for blessing me. I ask out loud who is in the room with me today? With deep concentrated breathing, I begin a reading of the space to welcome the spirits, guides, and whatever angelic or ethereal beings are present. Some like Metatron and Azerial are always present with me. Others who arrive are usually connected with the client who will be calling me soon, so I set my spirit on their presence and tune out any other beings. I have now reserved myself for my clients. It's really only when I'm in this state that I begin to physically set up my station, which means I set up my table, my crystals, my cards. Then I'll go login and sit quietly focusing on my client. During the reading, I can't say that I have any prior selected rituals. Rather, I let the preparation suit the moment. I do what feels right in the moment that I'm connecting with my client.

I do have many tools. Think of the magician card in the tarot deck and how there is everything laid out on the table before him so that if he needs something it's right there. I have two tables; one for cards and one for divination. I use multiple decks, and I mean multiple, I don't even know how many decks of tarot cards I own, but I'll put out and change them as I'm guided. I always have my candles lit and my crystals laid out for healing and protection—that's a given. What sometimes changes is the placement of the crystals, the lighting of sage, or the use of the pendulum if that's called for in a reading.

I had a client who called me. She was a very sweet woman whose mother was terminally ill and wanted my client to move in with her and look after her. The problem was, the mother wanted to die in her tiny home and nowhere else. This home was way too small for my client to move into with her family, so they bought the neighboring lot and built a home next to her mother. This arrangement worked out as expected, but eventually the mother passed away. So then my client called me because she was stuck with this empty house. She didn't want to rent it out because it was so close to them that they'd practically be living on top of strangers. She was very concerned about the security of having an empty house and expenses of maintaining it, on top of the taxes. So she called me for my advice.

During the reading, this presence of this gentle older woman appeared, whom my client recognized as her mother. The woman guided me to tell her daughter to take anything she wanted from the house, lock it up and let it be. She assured us that by the next new moon the problem would solve itself. So I told this to my client and she agreed to follow her mother's wishes and thanked me for the reading.

About nine weeks later I got a call back from this client. She was stunned; she was floored. She explained that in an instant there had been this extremely brief, but extremely powerful storm, like level 3 hurricane, with wind speeds of 130 miles per hour and it just leveled her mother's house. The house was insured for replacement value, which was like double what she could of sold it for because it was so close to her property. So she told me that the hurricane had blown through on exactly the first night of the new moon. It was something she had anxiety about, but the reading helped her to have a sense of knowing what to do. When I see a reading that helps heal or provides assistance to the client, I feel like we are both in the right place at the right time.

I just feel like there is a lot of knowing and wisdom from spirit. The spirit doesn't necessarily disclose all of it to us, but we have to trust. We just have to trust and the healing and answers will come.