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Psychic Advisor Dominick

Psychic Advisor Dominick

Dominick's Dynamic Gifts

Born into a family of healers and psychics, Dominick posses many gifts that give you guidance so that you can better understand your future. Whether you're struggling in a relationship or can't decipher the meaning of a dream, his powerful insights will give you clarity and comfort about your situation.

"Everybody's problems are different; nobody's problems are the same. This is why I use so many tools. Love has a certain tool, money has a certain tool, children, family, jealousy and envy are all different. This is why I use so many different tools so I can get a better understanding of the situation. I want to help you in every way that I can. Sometimes they don't even have to speak to me and I know how to fix it. I know it's a little strange, but that's how it works."

I have a number of gifts, not only one. The first one is dream interpretation. Your dreams basically tell you your future in a nutshell. I help my clients understand their dreams and what's going on in their subconscious mind. I also do chakra cleansings and can clear your chakras. I also am a tarot card reader and also do work with crystals.

Your intuitive side speaks to me and I receive information through my inner aura. I also read through the crystals and go through my tarot cards. As I'm doing all of this it gives me a better sense of your problem and how to face it with emotion.

When you deal with the inner aura, you do get visions of the person's future, of their career, even of their children. When you deal with the inner aura and with chakras, you can, and I do, receive visions of the person. I know it's sometimes hard to understand, but everybody can do this if they listen to it. Everybody calls it sixth sense, but there is a way to channel it for you to understand it. You can learn what your aura is trying to tell you and what is happening in your situation. You have a sense of direction in knowing that.

It wasn't a thing that was self-taught. This runs in my bloodline. Most of my ancestors and most of my family always did this kind of work. I was raised in a family of healers, spiritualists and psychics. As I got older I noticed I had this amazing insight and my intuitive nature would speak to me. Basically, I can look at a person and have a better understanding of what they are going through without them saying anything to me.

Something happened to me when I was 13. I was sitting in this place and a person was sitting across from me. This person never spoke a word and I could feel their emotion, I could feel their sadness. I knew this person was going through something that was hard for them to deal with. This is when I knew what I had to do with my life, as far as people are concerned. To do something as guiding them, and helping them.

This I knew when I was 13 and sitting across from this person in a public place. I felt a strong intuition about this person and so I started asking her questions about how is this or that and she turned to me and asked me how I knew that. That's when I knew. It started at a very young age for me. That's when I knew that I must do something with this gift that I was given.

They encouraged me to pursue it. They often knew, even when I was a younger child, that I had this kind of gift so they were always encouraging me. They were very happy that I had this since we come from generations and generations of spiritual healers. They really encouraged me and helped me get to the point that I am now.

The best part of my gift is when you have the person understand what is going on and what I'm trying to tell them. When they really understand that I'm helping them and reassuring them that everything is going to be okay, especially when they have depression or stress. Having them understand that gives me the best feeling in the world. When they do call back and they speak differently and sound different.

Yes. The reason why I get their name and date of birth is so that I can constantly go into their aura and see what's going on with the situation that they presented me with. Let's say you call me and you have a loved one that you haven't spoken with in years. I keep doing work for you. I do meditation for the other person to try my best to get them to contact you. It never stops. It can't stop because this is what I love to do. I was born to do this.

When you have a dream there is so much meaning: animals, numbers, insects, whatever you see in the dream has a meaning to your future. Every single thing that happens in a dream happens for a reason that imparts your future. The reason why you need dreams is to help you understand what is coming. Of course, a lot of times people can't understand it because they can get odd and strange. That's what I'm here for. I tell you what your dreams mean and what is coming up for you. That's what dream analysis does.

The thing that surprises them the most is when they have dreams about loved ones who passed on. They want to know why they are coming in their dreams and why they keep reappearing. I give them directions to know why they are appearing in their dreams and what to do.

It could be both. This is why dreams are so amazing at times. When a loved one has passed on and comes to you in a dream, this person can warn you of what is to come.

The one that always sticks out in my mind is the first one that happened when I was 13. She was about 28 or 29 years old. She was sitting there with a constant stare. She didn't say a word. I just started talking to her. I said a few things to her, I told her that everything was going to be okay, don't worry about it and she'd get through the situation.

She turned to me and asked, "How did you know there was something going on? How did you know I was going through this situation?" I just looked at her and told her, "you're speaking to me, I could hear you, but you're not saying anything to me". Then she got a big smile across her face. That is the first and the one thing that really stuck with me all this time. The first time you feel that is life changing. When you feel that your life completely changes.

Another time happened when I was older; a lady contacted me because she was depressed and miserable after an argument with her boyfriend. He was torn between two. He was with her but had someone else in his heart. She was crying and confused and didn't know which way it was going to go.

What I did was give her advice on how to fix the situation, how to speak to him and to help her understand his thinking path and why he was so connected to this past love. She took my advice and two or three days later I saw a change in him that brought them closer. What happened is he came closer to her and everything changed for the better.

I love what I do. It's amazing to do what I do. There's not a problem too big that I can't solve. I was born to do this!