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Lecturas de Lina

Lecturas de Lina

Lecturas de Lina Shares Her Spirituality

Lecturas de Lina is a calming and compassionate psychic who finds answers in the tarot cards. She is a strong force of positivity who will help you uncover the light in your life so that you can find answers to all of your important questions.

"I try to help people find their inner light and their own answers by giving them help in analyzing what expectations they can have about a specific situation. I want to help them balance their energy, their life and accept their situation in life. To accept there are things they can't change, but they can prepare for. What they can do is move and find their own answers."

I think it's very important that people recognize that everyone has this gift. I try to help them discover this light that they have within themselves. I encourage everyone to meditate and find the connection with nature. You have to find a way to connect with the fourth element in life, so that you can balance and find a way to live happy today. I always encourage people to live positive, because whatever you put in your mind you can get it. If you put something positive in your mind, you will get positive results.

Sure, well I discovered the gifts when I was a child. When I was a little girl I liked to explore the cards; to read, to see the meaning of the card and how you could apply to different situations in life. I used to like to look at the hands also. The life of the hands, you can tell things about people when you look at those type of things.

So I was very interested and I started connecting those situations with specific situations in life. Then I realized I could help people and help myself make decisions and balancse life. I try to help people find their inner light and their own answers by giving help in analyzing what expectations they can have about a specific situation. That's basically how I manage this gift and how I try to help people.

I like to use the tarot. I like to focus on the major arcana, the 22 major arcana. Sometimes I also use the minor arcana. I like to focus on the major arcana because the messages are very clear and very concrete. It depends on the answers that my client wants to get. I also use crystal pendulums. I use runes sometimes when helping make decisions. But what I like to use most are the major arcana of the tarot.

If they want to analyze a relationship to see what situations may happen and what will be the best decision to make, I normally start with the tarot because we can analyze different things around a specific situation. When they have a specific situation, like when they communicate with someone they haven't talked with in a while, I use the pendulum because that helps me communicate with the energy of that person that they are trying to reach. I use runes when they want to make a decision. I compliment the tarot with the runes.

This gift comes from my family. My dad also has this gift. He has been around the Earth for so many years. I was curious and my father shared his gifts with me. That's how I started. I kept using it to get in touch with different situations. Then, later on, with my daughters, I have two teenagers; they started getting very interested in this type of science. They have these gifts too. It runs in the family. So we study this together and it's a very nice experience because I share it with my family.

I like to use candles and incense. Especially for these sessions, I like to use white candles, sandalwood or lavender incense. Occasionally I use sage to clean all of those energies. When you open yourself and your space to these energies, negative things can be here and around this space. I use sage to clean these energies and the environment. I use candles and incense to clean and open the energy, that's basically my ritual. I try to dedicate the time and space to focus on the specific person I'm helping at that moment.

I do meditation. I do different ceremonies. For example, for the full moon, I do the full moon ceremony. I celebrate the equinox and solstice. I do chakra cleaning to balance the energies in the body and that's basically how I know how to open to different things.

I have my Reiki masters that I work with and also, I go to a place called the Temple. It's where I do all my ceremonies. They help me connect with my ancestors and my guides. I use those places to connect with different energies.

Of course, I need to keep my client's privacy, so I'm not going to give any names. But I have situations when the person calls me they are confused and depressed, and I can tell that, even if I don't have a physical connection with that person, I can tell through the voice and I can feel their energy and recognize how that person is doing. I ask questions and I start doing the reading and give advice based on the tarot. I can see many things. I can see positive things. But I find a way that they can use the negative things in their life to prepare or improve themselves.

It sounds amazing, but at the end of the call many people say that I helped them feel better and thank me for that. And many say they're going to call again and they do call back. It's rewarding to see that you can help someone balance his or her energy to the point that they feel better and you give them that power so that they can continue their life and get out to live one more day. It's very rewarding.