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  • Tarot Expert, Astrological Expert, Manifestation Expert (Money and Love), Assisted in police and federal investigations since 2012

Not all of us have luck, yet we all do have the love and light of a creator. We each have a guiding force in our life that can lead us to success and stability.

I was five years old when my mom asked to play a game. She would ask me about something and I would say what came to mind. What color am I thinking about? Or what number one through ten did I write? This little game led to her and I reading missing persons or looking into wanted people and I being able to pull pieces of information from the abyss or being able to shed light on a darkened subject. I was 19 when I started reading the tarot and in my mid twenties I began to take it very serious and pursued tutoring in the psychic and magical arts.

Over the years, I have helped those who seek light with finding love or bettering a relationship, finding there career choice or creating a path to success. I believe we are the masters of our own destiny and though that is easier said than done, I can guide you and help you on your way. Relationships and financial growth are my forte.

Personally, I believe in astrology as well as tarot and I find when combining the schools of light, I find a greater system of tools to work from and to guide you the seeker with. I have read thousands of people with the tarot and have assisted many people in finding their goals in life, or healing past damages so they can pursue their destiny.

I can assist you in grabbing the wheel of your own destiny today.

Brother John

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