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Shares insights from the spiritual realm.
  • Experience: 30 yrs.
  • AskNow Since: 2012
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  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
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  • Gift of Prophecy, Gift of Hearing Numbers, Gift of Manifestation, Messages for the Bereaved, Annointed and Holy Spirit Filled, MA in Counseling, BA in Business Management

ARE YOU WORRIED? I CAN HELP. I have used my gift of prophecy and numbers for over 30 years to assist people from all walks of life.

WELCOME! You have arrived at the right place. I am PROPHETESS PHYLLIS and here to help you.

Are you worried? Do you need to receive a word from God? Have you been praying but just can't hear the voice of God? I have been using my gift of prophecy and unique gift of hearing numbers for over 30 years to help many people. Know that you will experience the manifestation of the prophecy spoken over your life. God has sent me to this site and chosen me to get his message to you. Yes! I am here to assist you with my gift of prophecy and hearing numbers.

  • LOAN_OSBORNE 09/18/2023
  • great job for all your inside advice and counseling
  • LOAN_OSBORNE 09/18/2023
  • a big thank you for all your advice!
  • LOAN_OSBORNE 09/18/2023
  • great advice! thank you very much!
  • KITTY321 09/17/2023
  • Accurate and such a Godly person. Thank you
  • DEBRAL0121 09/15/2023
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