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Top 5 Unsolved Murders

Top 5 Unsolved Murders

Homicide. Merely the thought of it is enough to send chills down your spine. Even more menacing than murder is the idea of people getting away with it. Throughout history, there have been countless unsolved murder cases, but this countdown lists the five, which are the most legendary.

It is a most shocking, appalling, and unforgivable crime, and cold-blooded murder becomes even more scandalous when the killer cannot be identified and brought to justice. Despite best efforts by experts, these murderers remain unknown. Read on to learn more about the five most puzzling cold cases.

5. Cleopatra (69BC - 30BC)

Are we in denial about the death of the Queen of the Nile? History's most renowned female leader was not without enemies, and yet Cleopatra's peculiar death is officially listed as a suicide in most official texts. Nonetheless, a growing number of experts strongly suspect foul play and are working on gathering evidence and theories via exhumations to prove her murder happening through poisoning.

4. Elizabeth Short (1924-1947)

The 22-year-old aspiring actress Beth Short was known for her fashion sense, which was heavy on black fabrics. When she met an alarming end via murder, the newspapers dubbed her Black Dahlia. F.B.I. Investigators found a fingerprint, but it was not on file and suspected medical students since the incisions and dissection were made with such surgical precision and skill.

3. JonBenet Patricia Ramsey (1990-1996)

Born in Georgia and strangled to death a mere six years later in Colorado, child beauty pageant darling JonBenet was a star both in life and beyond, dominating news feeds for months. Boulder police reopened her case in 2009 in hopes of using more advanced forensic techniques to analyze D.N.A. samples. So far, suspects ranged from an unknown male intruder, a family member, and there was even a false confession.

2. Nicole Brown Simpson (1959-1994)

In an epic and lengthy case, including the legendary car chase and riveting and highly publicized and televised trial in court, ex-husband O.J. Simpson was found not guilty for all charges pertaining to the murder by brutal stabbing of Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman. As of right now, this chilling double homicide case is still open, but the media frenzy continues with the recent release of a new Hollywood film about her life.

1. Notorious B.I.G. (1972-1997)

This larger than life east coast rap superstar was gunned down by a not-so-notorious mystery man or woman. Despite the media attention and police investigation, no one has come forward with information regarding the identity of the shooter. Almost inextricably linked through speculation alone was west coast rapper Tupac Shakur's similar end, a drive-by shooting.

Seriously though, will we ever know who dun it? Fans, family, friends, and history buffs alike continue hoping for concrete answers, evidence, and eventually justice for these five abominable unsolved assassinations. For their sake, let's wish them the best of luck getting to the truth behind these gruesome and tragic deaths by human hands.

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