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The Perplexing Puzzle of Puma Punku

The Perplexing Puzzle of Puma Punku

Spaceships? Faces from far distant lands? Massive, unexplainable rock formations? All of these elements exist in the site known as Puma Punku, located in Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

Whether it is the precision tools we need to replicate the H-Blocks, the incredible resemblance of its carved faces to our version of gray aliens or the incredible load bearing platform at its center, it is a token to their metaphysical beliefs and their ability to build with megalithic stones!

Alien Faces

One of the most interesting things about Puma Punku, and Tiwanaku, in general, is the stone face wall. The wall contains a variety of faces carved from stone, which resemble all of the races of the world and a few otherworldly ones too!

How did an ancient people know what people across the world looked like when they couldn't yet circumnavigate the globe? How did they too see individuals who look like aliens? Here are two of the mystical beliefs at play: aliens or people from the future visited them.


The H-Blocks are a marvel of technology, so much so, that some people believe they were melted stone and molded, or prefabricated, through technology not available to the ancient Tiwanakans. Others believe that the joints are so perfect that they must have had the aid of extraterrestrials or time travelers.

These interlocking joints are so perfectly crafted that not even a razor blade can fit between the joints today. These blocks, weighing as much as 131 tons, when interlocked, appear to form some giant door hinge.

Load-Bearing Platform

Other possibilities state that the H-Blocks are interlinked horizontally and were a runway platform for some form of flying craft. Whatever these doors would hide or this runway would launch would have been enormous!

One may think that these perfectly formed H-Blocks were just a fluke by the ancient people. However, there is far more evidence of their advanced technology throughout the ruins of Puma Punku. There are blocks with uniform 6mm drill holes through them, in a perfect geometric linear formation.

Modern Day Machines

There are other stones that have odd interlocking shapes as if they were designed to merge with other stone pieces. There are drill holes throughout the artwork and platform complexes of this site, all machined with such precision that it would be difficult to reproduce with today's technology.

So how did these ancient people create such a beautiful and architecturally-sound complex? The sad truth is, we may never know, but scientists, archeologists and other spiritual researchers are still frantically scouring and researching the site for more answers. We can only hope that one day, they will fully unlock this perplexing puzzle of Puma Punku.

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