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Enochian: Language of the Angels

Enochian: Language of the Angels

Is Enochian just a phony cult language or the divine language of angels and the spiritual realm? That, of course, is up to you to decide.

John Dee was an influential occultist, mathematician, and astrologer in 16th century England. Dee and seer Edward Kelley claimed to have unlocked a secret language that could be used by the mortal to communicate with angels. The speech was uncovered in their private journals after years of celestial visions and eventually became known as the Book of Enoch.

Find out more about this shocking revelation and what controversies it continues to spark several hundreds of years after its discovery.

Who Was John Dee?

John Dee ran in many elite and influential circles in his time as a renowned and well-established mathematician, astrologer, astronomer, and occultist. Educated at St. John’s in Cambridge, he eventually moved up the ranks to become one of Queen Elizabeth I’s spiritual advisors and most loyal confidants. Graduating and becoming a Trinity Collage fellow at just age 15, Dee’s contributions to a rendition of Aristophanes’ Peace earned him the reputation of being a magician. This reputation caused him to lose interest in practical science and lean towards magic and the occult for the remainder of his life and career.

The Language

Dee began performing numerable magical events later in his career after his break from formal science and math. It was during this time that Dee’s journals started referencing “Good Angels” sent to earth by God to communicate with humanity. Dee collaborated with legendary seer Edward Kelley and carefully recorded hundreds of conversations between them and the “Good Angels.” Utilizing the scrying method commonly associated with seers and psychics, Dee and Kelley discovered the Enochian alphabet with grammar and syntax apart from the English language. Enochian is written from right to left and featuring symbolic letters with unique accents and pronunciations. The language lead to the production of numerable books on magic and the celestial realm.

Interpretation and Controversy

Many of Dee’s original manuscripts were lost or destroyed, which leads to much controversy around the interpretation and authenticity of Enochian. Critics claim that despite differences between the spirit language and English, the two contain many similarities, which might point to the possibility of Dee and Kelley “speaking in tongues.” Influential magicians and seers suggest that Enochian may be the oldest living language predating any other found human languages. Other believers consider Enochian as the most potent method of magic and spiritual communications to this day.

Today, Enochian is used by many magicians of varying beliefs in rituals and other spiritual works. Famous occultists such as Anton LaVey and Aleister Crowley famously used Enochian, which is starting to change the public’s view of the language and its usage.

There is no denying the lasting power of the public’s fascination with this “Angel Language.” Enochian will continue to fascinate for hundreds of more years to come—for better or worse, for divine or more sinister.

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