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Casting Spells with Candle Magick

Casting Spells with Candle Magick

Candle Magick is a basic form of casting spells. It is easy for anyone to do, no matter what level of spiritual experience you have.

The most popular candle spells require little ceremony or expensive materials. It’s usually performed on a small altar or table. At its most simple, all you need for Candle Magick is a candle.

Candle Magick has been a part of western culture for centuries. As a child, you made a birthday wish before blowing out candles on a cake. That was a kind of Candle Magick.

Ordinary tools make Candle Magick so popular. A basic spell needs only a candle and a piece of paper. Once you get started, you can include things like specific herbs and oils to increase the strength of your spells. They help strengthen the relationship between your spirit and the candle. Incense is another useful device to boost a spell.

Color is the critical element in Candle Magick. No matter which candles you use, the color must be continuous throughout. White candles dipped in pink tint will not do. Candles should be organic, like natural soy or beeswax, since this will increase energy through a connection with nature. If a natural candle is not available, substitute a wax or paraffin candle.

Some spells in Candle Magick require burning the entire candle, so it is best to use a smaller candle. Otherwise, you could be sitting for quite some time!

For casting serious spells, you will need different colors of candles on hand. These are the most popular candle colors and their meanings:

  • Green: Monetary gain, abundance, fertility
  • Red: Courage, bravery, health and sexuality, love and passion
  • Gold: Financial gain, business success
  • Yellow: Persuasion and security
  • Pink: Companionship, romance
  • Orange: Attraction, encouragement
  • Dark blue: Depression and vulnerability
  • Light Blue: Health, patience and understanding
  • Purple: Ambition, determination and strength
  • Black: Negativity, expulsion and banishment
  • White: Purity, righteousness and truth
  • Silver: Reflection, introspection and intuition

After choosing the appropriate color, the next step is to prepare or “dress” your candle. Dressing the candle strengthens the relationship between your spirit and the candle. For Candle Magick to work properly, you will need to incorporate spiritual energies. Natural oils, sometimes specific to the spell, will enrich your candle. Most often, any oil will do.

This process of dressing charges the candle with energy, readying it for the spell. Rub oil on the candle from the top down to the middle going in one direction, not up and down. Next, start at the base of the candle and massage oil up to the middle. Make sure you overlap where you have oiled before. Again, apply only in one direction, not back and forth.

The most essential Candle Magick spell starts by writing your goal on a piece of paper. Use a paper the same color as the candle. Next, you will fold the paper, burning it in the flame of the candle. Hold the paper as long as you can, without burning yourself. Put the paper in a fire safe, ceramic or metal bowl. Let the candle finish burning.

If the candle goes out halfway, do not relight it. Dispose of the candle by burying it or putting it in a safe place, somewhere it cannot be found and relit by someone else.

After three days, you will know if the spell was successful. There will be times when the spell will happen in subtle ways, at first. If one month has passed with no change, start a different spell using a different candle. Never reuse the candle and always use a new spell.

In any spell casting, especially Candle Magick, there is one central rule. The energy you send out will return to you three times over. A beneficial spell will cause three times the amount of positive energy to come back to you. However, performing a negative spell, causing harm or misfortune to another, will also come back to you threefold!

Always consider the repercussions of your actions!

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