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Alien Nanobots & Morgellons Disease

Alien Nanobots & Morgellons Disease

Huh? What do aliens, robots and a rare and troublesome skin disorder all have in common? At first, they seem like separate topics altogether, but amazingly they may all be completely interconnected!

Do you get irritated by a stray hair tickling your face in the breeze or by an errant string hanging down from your sweater onto your leg? Well, just imagine how distressing it would be if you constantly had mysterious thread-like strands under the top layer of your skin.

Essentially, this is what Morgellons disease is. It is clinically defined by physicians as an uncommon skin condition in which what appears to be metallic strands are buried under the flesh causing irritation. They can be removed, but have no medical explanation whatsoever and are only found lodged in human's bodies thus far.

But, where medical science leaves off, those who are much more interested in extraterrestrial activity and technological advancements than lab results take over. As of today, modern science has not been able to match and identify the composition of the surgically removed threads.

The theory is this- the threads under the skin somehow come from miniature, undetectable technological devices. Perhaps it deposits a thread in a similar way in which spiders do or maybe the threads themselves are pieces of machinery.

People who suffer from Morgellons disease describe the sensation as painful, itchy and distracting. The sensation likens to a sort of digital scabies.

Unless you follow weather tracking device developments, watch science fiction movies, or work in robotics or aviation, most likely you are unfamiliar with nanobots. Like other forms of nanotechnology, nanobots are minuscule in nature. Even smaller than microtechnology, as nano translates from ancient Greek as dwarf. The bot refers to robot.

Quite scarily, the infinite capabilities of nanobots are only as limited as their creators, operators and programmers.

But where are these tiny machines from? More importantly, who or what is making and controlling them? Or do they control themselves through artificial intelligence? Are they gathering data on the human species or of Earth? Are they a parasite, feeding off of our electricity?

Nonetheless, the ultimate question remains: are these microscopic bots sinister or are they friendly?

Here is where the aliens come soaring into the trifecta of these three seemingly unrelated topics. Some say the nanobots themselves are aliens and are invading the human race through these strange deposits into selected individuals' skin. They theorize that the strands will eventually grow entwined and become able to link together as one macro bot, inside a human body.

Others speculate that the nanobots were invented and built by aliens, were either launched here or dropped off here and are being controlled remotely from a distant galaxy or universe.

Another large group of experts pose the notion that we are simply innocuously spied on or studied by these nanobots and aliens. They believe those with Morgellons disease are simply part of a human zoo or control group and are not in any mortal danger or peril at all.

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