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The Innocence of The Fool

The Innocence of The Fool

If the cards of the major arcana tell a story of a journey, the person embarking on the quest is The Fool. Marked by the number zero, The Fool is free to wander through the story told by the Tarot and is equally at home at the beginning of the journey as he is at the end.

In fact, the Major Arcana is also referred to as “The Fool’s Journey” as it symbolizes his journey through life and the seeking of knowledge and wisdom. It may help to put yourself in place of The Fool each and every time you turn to the cards for answers. By relying on the Tarot card for answers and clarity, you are embarking on a personal voyage of discovery.

The Imagery

This card features vibrant colors, and no matter which style deck you use, the general image of The Fool is of a young man walking with energy towards the edge of a cliff with mountains in the background. Instead of looking at the path ahead, The Fool has his face lifted to the sky. He carries a white flower and a satchel carried over his shoulder with his belongings. At his feet is a playful white puppy that is his companion on his journey.

The bright and cheerful card embodies the promise and energy of youth. It indicates new beginnings, innocence and perhaps a touch of naiveté. Depending on its location in the Tarot spread, The Fool is a powerful indicator of a new adventure, especially in the creative realm.

The Significance

When this card appears in the upright position, it may be your green light to pursue a creative endeavor, a new career or another project. Be sure that you take its message of fearlessness to heart as you take a leap of faith and step off into the unknown.

The Fool in Love

If this card appears in a reading about your love life, watch out! The capricious nature of The Fool and his great capacity for joy and enthusiasm is very attractive to potential lovers. The Fool has no problems gaining love and affection, but he has a hard time making it stand the test of time.

The Fool at Work

With all its promise and high energy, The Fool can be a sign of great potential and possibility, especially when it comes to new projects at work. While this card often relates to creativity, it also bodes well whenever you are considering a new project or role at work.

The Fool Reversed

While The Fool in its upright position indicates new possibilities and potential, when reversed it can be a warning that you need to be more cautious in your approach and direction in your life.

Whenever The Fool appears in your Tarot spread, it’s time for you to consider your options and look at opportunities you may be missing. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a new project or considering your next step, this is the card that gives you the encouragement you need to make the next move with confidence.

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