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Most Misunderstood Tarot Cards

Most Misunderstood Tarot Cards

Some cards in the deck of Tarot cause a lot of confusion. Find out now what these often misconstrued cards really mean!

It has happened to all of us. We are receiving a Tarot card reading, and a less than positive sounding card suddenly reveals itself. Dismay, sadness, and panic soon follow suit.

However, do not fret because these seemingly shocking names and images are not always indicative of a bad omen or negative turn of events. In fact, many times the worst sounding cards are actually representative of an excellent thing occurring in either your past, present, or future.

To avoid unnecessary anxiety during your next Tarot reading, read about these four most misunderstood cards to gain insight into their true meanings. Once you know more, your preconceived notions will disappear, and you will have way less fear when they turn up.

The Devil

So controversial is this particular card, some people find it to be too offensive to even contend with. Satanic imagery and religious references conjure up deep-seated emotions such as terror and horror.

In contrast, The Devil card more accurately symbolizes pleasure and breaking free from a trapped existence. Allow yourself to bust out of your personal bondage, drop your baggage, and find what makes you feel truly alive.


When your psychic draws a Death card, it is nearly impossible not to worry about mortality. Contrary to popular belief, this typically scary card does not indicate a literal death of you or a loved one.

More often than not, The Death card represents a significant change and transition in your life as opposed to someone or something dying. This new phase is likely to be something new, exciting, or even wonderful and long awaited!

The Fool

Has seeing The Fool card got you feeling like an idiot? Resist the urge to become defensive. Rest assured that no, you are not being a fool, nor are you acting foolishly.

In reality, The Fool card conveys a sense of spontaneity, having fun and being present in the moment. These satisfying traits are vital parts of living your best life in the here and now, taking risks and reaping the sweet rewards.

The Hermit

Nothing is worse than already feeling lonely and isolated from the world and then getting The Hermit card in your Tarot card reading. Are you truly destined to be alone forever living in a dark cave away from the world?

Relax. In actuality, The Hermit card exemplifies a time of self-reflection, learning, and inner peace. Sounds a lot better, right? Getting more educated and looking within for your unique truths are beneficial and essential ways to become your best self.

So, in summary, becoming aware of the correct representations of these Tarot cards will not only aid you in achieving a more accurate psychic reading, but it will also help you dispel false myths about what these particular cards illustrate. The result? A more relaxing and precise Tarot reading experience for both you and your trusted psychic.

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