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Landscapes of The Tarot

Landscapes of The Tarot

As you journey through your Tarot card reading and the spread, you’ll traverse a highly fantastical land illustrated with symbols that range from ordinary to esoteric. While it may be tempting to focus on the more unusual signs featured on the card, you’ll find that it is near impossible to gain a complete understanding of your reading without accounting for the background imagery and landscapes.

When you have a Tarot card reading, your advisor reads the cards and interprets the symbols that appear. While each suit of the cards, either wands, coins, swords or cups, holds great symbolic weight every bit of imagery on the card is essential. One critical aspect of a Tarot card is the landscape depicted on the card. Some cards feature mountains in the distance, bodies of water or paths meandering through green fields. Each of these scenes holds significant meaning that contributes to the significance of the card.


Many cards feature mountains in the background of the card. This landscape signifies challenges and obstacles that you face in your life. When analyzing the meaning of the mountains on the card, it’s important to look at the number of peaks on the card, as well as if the mountains are nearby or in the distance. These details will give you essential information as to whether you will face challenges soon or if those days are behind you.


While bodies of water tend to represent thoughts and emotions, rivers, in particular, give you insight into the flow of emotions in your life. Rivers are dynamic bodies of water and the condition of the water on the card can give you clues as to how you are moving through your emotional life. Calm and free-flowing water indicates a healthy flow of emotions and thoughts, while turbulent water hints at a troubled heart and mind.


While standing at the shore, an ocean appears to be infinite with the water reaching to the horizon. Its vast depths hide much life and many mysteries. Thus, a sea or another immense body of water featured on a tarot card hints at unknown quantities or mysterious happenings in life.

City or Village

A city or village is a gathering of people and thoughts. If there is a city or village on a card, it gives you insight into the thoughts of emotions of the people surrounding you. It may also be a sign that you cannot be successful in the endeavor at hand if you are isolated. Focus on the emotions and conditions of the city or village featured on the card, and that will help you determine how others are affecting your current situation.

Fields & Farms

Fields and farms give you an understanding of what you are planting in your life and what you will harvest. Vibrant fields of green indicate fertility and growth, while a neatly plowed field may point to a successful harvest. Think back to the seeds you have planted in your life and how you are cultivating growing interests or relationships. Fields also serve as a reminder that patience is required!

While many might dismiss the landscape featured on a Tarot card as a mere background, the landscape imparts critical information so that the reader can interpret its meaning with detail and clarity.

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