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Five Things You Didn't Know About Tarot Cards

Five Things You Didn't Know About Tarot Cards

In pop culture, tarot cards have become almost synonymous with witches and the occult. Yet, the tarot is not just for the spiritually inclined. All members of society have used tarot over centuries to answer both the most practical and cosmic of questions. So, what is it about the tarot that has helped the practice thrive over thousands of years? Why do we turn to the cards' wisdom to make serious and life-altering decisions? Read on to learn of the lesser-known facts about the mysterious tarot—the real history just might surprise you!

1. Tarot Was Once a Game

As early as the 15th century, versions of the tarot deck were used as a story-telling card game. The earliest deck dates back to 1490! By the 18th century, people began to infuse meaning in the mythology of the cards. Tarot users began to apply symbolism and mythology into their life narratives to guide them in love, money, and social matters.

2. You Don't Have to Wait Around Forever—you Can Purchase Your First Deck

The esoteric air around a tarot deck and tarot readings often fuel many rubbish myths. For example, a prevalent myth states to begin your practice, you must have a deck bestowed upon you. There is no truth to the myth—it's okay to buy your first deck. As long as you purchase a deck that speaks to you, you should not feel like you are doing anything wrong.

3. Shuffling Your Cards and “flying” Cards Are Important to Your Reading

Shuffling the cards before your reading is an ancient and sacred practice. To infuse the cards with your energy and the energy of your intention or question, you must shuffle your cards. If someone else is reading your cards, both should shuffle the cards so your energies can connect correctly. In the process of shuffling, cards may sometimes pop or “fly” out of the deck. Flying cards are not just happenstance—you should take the card and interpret any messages it might be trying to impart on your reading.

4. Everyone Is Born Under a Major Arcana—find Out Which Is Your Influence

There are 22 major arcana cards in traditional tarot decks. These figures include the High Priestess, the Fool, the Lovers, the Wheel of Fortune, and others. Each of these figures signifies and embodies different mythologies and meanings. You can find out which of the 22 cards you were born under by using the following equation: add up all the numbers in your birth date, then add those two numbers together to get a figure of the tarot. This card is your guiding spiritual force.

An example: 09/12/1989= 9+1+2+1+9+8+9= 39 (3+9) =12. The 12th major arcana is the Hanged Man.

5. The Tarot Is Not Fortune-telling; It Is More Complex Than That

Over the centuries, the use of tarot has shifted from card game to spiritual staple. Since the 18th century, many saw tarot as a means of fortune-telling or seeing into the future. However, the tarot is much more complex than that. You cannot know anything about your future without understanding your past and present. The tarot is a portal into all of these aspects of your life and journey. Be open to receiving messages about what you have already experienced, including your past lives!

What about the tarot did you not know, and how will that shape your practice?

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