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Card of Completion: The World

Card of Completion: The World

At the end of his journey through the major arcana of the Tarot, the Fool discovers the World. As the last card of the major arcana, the World is a card of completion. This card is closely related to the Wheel of Fortune and mirrors its cyclical nature, and you can find many of the same symbols on both cards. The big difference is that the Wheel of Fortune indicates that you are still progressing through the stages of life, while the World suggests that you have come to an end of a significant era in your growth and development.

The Imagery

On first glance, The World may remind you of a card or picture from the Victorian era. It features a nude woman wrapped in a purple shawl encircled by a green wreath. The background is a blue sky with pure white clouds in the background.

The green wreath is an oval and is reminiscent of a victory wreath adorned with red ribbons woven into the eternity symbol. The figure holds a gold baton in each hand, which are believed to signify balance and transformation.  In each corner of the card are figureheads for each of the zodiac’s four fixed signs that correlate to the four elements of nature, the four suits of the Tarot, the four directions of a compass, as well as the four seasons. Having each of these four symbols emphasizes that this card is one of transformation, attainment and completion.

The Meaning

When this specific card appears in a tarot reading, it is a strong indicator that you have attained a goal in your personal growth or that you are at the close of one cycle and ready to begin the next stage of your life. You may reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown to use this information on a new journey. Now that you’ve reached a different stage of your life, you may encounter new challenges and obstacles that will further aid in your spiritual growth. Just because one cycle has come to an end, doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing!

The World in Love

The World is a powerful card that indicates significant life changes. If you are in a committed relationship, this card may signal an end to the way things were and a start in a new direction. While this may sound like the end of your relationship, instead this card is a signal that simultaneous end and beginning, much like when you end your relationship by getting married. What you have is transformed into something new!

The World at Work

It’s not unusual for this card to foreshadow travel around the world, it also signals that you may be a likely candidate for that promotion at work or that you finally achieve your goals to much celebration and acclaim. Don’t worry; your hard work will be recognized!

The World Reversed

If The World appears in your Tarot reading in the reversed position, it may indicate you still have work to do before you move on to the next stage of your life. You still have work to do before you gain the understanding and clarity needed to complete the current cycle.

The World is a complicated card of the major arcana and is often a card that is cause for celebration and feelings of satisfaction. The appearance of this card in your reading shows that you have achieved a new level of understanding and know your place in the world at large. Be confident as you embark on the new beginning heralded by the end of the old cycle.

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