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Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes

Top Ten Twilight Zone Episodes

Hardcore enthusiasts all agree that the ‘original’ always does it best! The Twilight Zone, airing for five seasons from 1959-1964, arguably has set a precedent for horror and suspense for decades to come! These top ten episodes should be at the forefront of your watch list this spooky season—prepare for the twists and chills!

10. The Invaders (1961)

In this episode with nearly no dialogue, the thrills exist in the quiet footsteps and sneaky shadows of the invaders that terrorize a lonely, older woman in her modest home. When she fights back and causes the invaders to retreat, you learn they were not dealing with your average, older woman.

9. Nick of Time (1960)

A newlywed couple are stranded in a small, unassuming Midwestern town. They didn’t expect to meet a fortune teller in the form of a penny machine on top of their cafe table that eerily predicts their future. What ensues is an episode exploring the horrifying effects of superstition and its ability to take control of your life.

8. The Masks (1964)

We all have family members we don’t necessarily care for. In this episode, the dying patriarch of an immense family fortune decides to invite his greedy daughter, husband, and children for one final lesson. This lesson isn’t all roses and sunshine—it involves grotesque masks and the toughest of love.

7. What’s in the Box? (1964)

Perhaps one of the most cynical of Twilight Zone episodes, we are presented with an old, miserably married couple. The only escape is their television, which most inconveniently experiences some technical issues. When a suspicious “repairman” fixes the T.V., who knew he could fix the problems for this couple for good.

6. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (1963)

Planes are scary. Giant furry monsters are scary. Put them both together and add mental illness into the mix. What you’ll get is this terrifying episode on the nature of sanity, reality, and illusion.

5. Eye of the Beholder (1960)

When people think of The Twilight Zone, they most likely think of this classic episode. When a facial reconstruction patient finally unwraps her face of bandages, the audience is thrown for a loop. What ensues is a commentary on the nature of conformity and strict social norms.

4. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (1960)

Who and what is a monster? It is the very nature of the villain thrown into question with this quintessential episode. When a faceless, shadowy threat plagues a neighborhood street—they learn more about each other than what they would ever bargain for!

3. Living Doll (1963)

We all hate dolls, but do you know why? This Twilight Zone might have something to do with it. When a little girl brings her new doll home, her stepdad soon realizes this doll doesn’t like him. Why?—the doll says it will kill him. Does this chatty doll walk the walk?

2. It’s a Good Life (1961)

What if children were the highest form of monster? Cute kiddos having the capacity to kill and torture is hard to believe, but in this twisted episode, a small Ohio town is under the close watch of a tiny tyrant. A single roll of his eyes can banish townspeople forever. Don’t you think you can fake your way into his good graces either—this kid can read minds too.

1. Time Enough at Last (1959)

Atomic bombs were a frightening concern for those living in the ’50s and ’60s. It’s no wonder the threat of atomic warfare was central to many horror and suspense of the time. In this episode, an introverted bibliophile decides to make the best of being the only one to survive the fallout. Surrounded by thousands and thousands of books, he is in heaven, but only briefly—until the most unfortunate incident.

Grab your popcorn, a friend, and your warmest blanket. You’ll need distractions and companions to stand these classic horror stories from The Twilight Zone!

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