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The Best Crystals for S.A.D.

The Best Crystals for S.A.D.

Bright holiday lights, quality time with friends and family, and fancy, new gadgets—the winter season seems almost too good to be true! For some in the Northern Hemisphere, all of the good the holiday season offers has a hard time competing with the darkness and undeniably cold and dreary weather. S.A.D., otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, affects approximately 10 million Americans today—and the numbers are growing. Those with S.A.D. experience crippling fatigue, excessive moodiness, mild to severe depression, and trouble sleeping. Along with other methods, get back to your sunny self and combat your wintertime blues with the intentional use of these healing crystals.


Using citrine is a great way to deflect any negative energy. This stone stimulates the mind and helps you maintain focus. Those with S.A.D. might experience a lack of motivation and mental clarity, so the use of this unique stone will re-energize all of the negativity and transform it into positive energy.


Lepidolite contains lithium and works wonders with sufferers of S.A.D. This crystal will soothe depression symptoms and help regulate your mood. For those who experience trouble sleeping during winter months, lepidolite works to alleviate insomnia, so you wake feeling rested.


It’s all in the name! Sunstone gathers its energy from you guessed it—the sun. Those in the Northern Hemisphere experience less and less daylight over the winter months, so take advantage of this crystal’s bright appearance and powers. Sunstone will help realign your chakras, so you feel more healthy, balanced, and capable of fighting off the darkness.

Apricot Agate

This crystal communicates directly with your heart chakra. Apricot agate protects your emotional well-being and is a great ally when you are battling less-than-ideal physical conditions that are out of your control. The stone’s powerful ability to ground is the key to a solid emotional foundation in winter months.

Orange Calcite

Colorful and bright—this stone energizes the root and sacral chakras that can become blocked during those dreary winter days. Cleansing with orange calcite will bring about positive energy and courage to stabilize your emotional issues with intention and enthusiasm.

Yellow Jasper

Shamans and healers have used yellow jasper for centuries for its strong, protective capacities. If you are battling S.A.D. and find yourself dealing with scattered thoughts and feelings of fogginess and indecision, yellow jasper will soothe these negative feelings and redirect your focus towards healthier habits.

As the days get darker and colder and you notice your mood altering, check in with your healing crystals every day by spending at least ten minutes interacting with them through sight or touch. For optimum connection, place your crystal against your solar plexus. Intentional use of your healing crystals will work wonders to take the edge off of your wintertime blues!

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