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Spirit Animals of The Water

Spirit Animals of The Water

Do you find yourself drawn towards the beauty and majesty of water when you are in need of solace or inspiration? Whether you find that peace walking alongside a sandy beach as waves crash at your feet or inspiration as you paddle through the clear waters of a natural spring or a vivid dream, you should pay attention to the wildlife that inhabits the water, as it just may be a visit from your spirit animal.

Water is essential for life and is a powerful spiritual signifier of purity and new starts. Water is the element ruling the world of emotions. The appearance of a spirit animal in the water, either in real life or a vision, is a reflection of how you are moving through your feelings. Additionally, if your totem is a marine animal, it is highly likely that those symbols of purity and fresh beginnings are critical concepts in the message you are meant to receive.


While there are many different types of sharks, and each has specific meanings, it's important to note that sharks, in general, serve as a reminder to keep moving forward. Remember, a shark never stops swimming, and neither should you if you want to achieve your goals. Also, sharks are fearsome predators and pursue their prey with focus and determination, so don't be afraid to hunt down your dreams!


Dolphins are significant spirit animals and are known for being one of the most intelligent creatures of the animal kingdom. Dolphins care for one another, but also play in the waves with joy. Take a look at your priorities and the balance in your life. The appearance of a dolphin may be your message to find a better balance between your protective and nurturing instincts and your inner child.


Whales are giants of the deep and have the incredible ability to swim vast distances and communicate via highly sophisticated songs. When the whale appears as your spirit animal, it is a strong message from your guides that you can cope with the intense pressure of your life and you will soon surface for air. It may also be a reminder to reconnect with your creative self, especially through music.


These slow-moving creatures navigate the waters with grace and calm only to find refuge in shallow waters. If the manatee is your spirit animal, let it serve as a reminder to slow your thoughts and give yourself the opportunity to move through them without judgment. Act with deliberation and care as you pursue your goals.


Clad in a hard outer shell, a crab is a master at self-protection and enforcing boundaries. The armored shell protects the vulnerable crab, allowing it to navigate the world with confidence. When the crab is your spirit animal, it's a powerful reminder that you need to enforce your boundaries to protect your heart. Be careful about exposing your vulnerabilities and move with confidence knowing that you aren't an easy target. Don't let others take advantage of you!

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are ancient animals that are at home swimming in the worlds' oceans, but lay their eggs in nests on sandy beaches. As your spirit animal, sea turtles serve a dual reminder that you can retreat within yourself for protection from those who want to hurt you and that you should follow the tides of life and enjoy the journey.

While this list is not a comprehensive list of marine animals and their meaning, let it serve as a starting point in your quest in decoding messages about the state of your emotions.

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