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May's Marvelous Birthstones

May's Marvelous Birthstones

Are you a Taurus or Gemini who desires more information about your birthstones? Then it is the ideal time to find out what they hold for you. Also, let's delve more into May birthstones' appearance, makeup, and where we find them on Earth.

May's two magnificent birthstones are here to help you along your spiritual journey. So, why not let them? Armed with new knowledge, this year you can fully utilize the powers of emeralds and sapphires to assist you in achieving personal growth.


For the fifth month of the calendar year, there is but one precious gemstone which is the most universally accepted around the globe, glowing green emeralds. Hues so striking, this precious gemstone vibrates at the exact color frequencies needed to open your heart chakra. These green jewels may very well help invite love, loyalty, devotion, and intimacy into your life.

Their extraordinary green color comes from a chromium impurity within a beryl mineral. While all are green, the shade differs slightly from light green to a blue-green depending on the site of discovery.

The earliest emerald mine is in Wadi Sikait, Egypt, beginning in approximately 1B.C.E. Obviously, a stone extremely prized and highly valued since antiquity, ancient emerald mines also exist in Columbia. Nowadays, Brazilian emeralds and Zambian emeralds make up the lion's share of the market due to their successful operations of open-pit mines.


Sapphires may be second in popularity. However, they indeed are spectacular stones for several reasons. For spiritual uses, sapphires harness the power of divine inspiration and offer a wealth of knowledge, prosperity, and comfort. Along with the third eye chakra, sapphire also helps to open the throat chakra, allowing you to speak your mind.

Sapphires are known scientifically as corundum. They are formed within igneous rocks that lack an element which is usually there called silica. When the molten magma cools down crystals form over millions of years. The result is aluminum oxide, or sapphire, the second hardest mineral on Earth.

Sometimes sold as a black diamond, black sapphire is the only color variety of sapphire which is not see-through. Vibrant translucent hues of purple, blue, and yellow are traditionally more favored by jewelers.

Few and far between are what is known as star sapphires, which refers to a six-pointed star which naturally appears under the right lighting. But, the ultra-rare pink and orange padparadscha sapphire is so unique, only a couple of natural specimens may exist in the world.

Montana boasts the largest producing sapphire mines in the United States, where you can go panning for your own raw sapphire precious gemstones. Other current commercial open pit and shallow mines are in Madagascar, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

To recap, you can break through lousy luck in love and communication barriers by using these two terrific looking gemstones. When in the presence of the two birthstones emerald and sapphire, your good fortune is a stone's throw away. Observe your month of May birthday with the a-May-zing birthstone or stones which are best suited for you.

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