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July's Jazzy Trio of Birthstones

July's Jazzy Trio of Birthstones

Cancer and Leo signs are lucky to be born in the seventh month of the year. How come? With ruby, onyx, and turquoise, people with July birthdays have three birthstones to help them along their way.

Along with finding out the spiritual significance of these jaunty July birthstones, it is also vital to know more information about them so you can make an informed choice. Learning the locations they derive from and what gives them their appearance can lend a helping hand in selecting your special stone.


Ruby red roses and lips are beautiful, but none so much as their namesake the ruby. Ranging in color from light to beet red to a reddish-purple, geologists call all other varieties of these corundum stones sapphires. Like sapphires, rubies align with the heart chakra to amplify the romantic love in your life.

Rubies are one of four precious gemstones, and we measure their value in carats. One of the most crystally sound minerals on Earth, rubies register at a nine on the Mohs scale of hardness.

You can dig and pan for raw rubies yourself in designated spots in the Chattahoochee National Forest in North Carolina. Commercially, the finest quality rubies are mined in Myanmar while excellent quality rubies come from mines in Russia, Pakistan, India, and Vietnam. The largest ruby ever mined comes from Africa and weighs over four pounds.


Onyx forms in gaps within hardened volcanic lava and is a mixture of moganite and quartz, which are both silica minerals. Right now, there are active onyx mines in Arizona, Algeria, and Mexico. In the abandoned onyx mining town of El Marmol in Baja, you can visit a schoolhouse made entirely out of onyx.

Black onyx is most highly favored in the spiritual community because it connects to the root or base chakra, keeping you grounded and at one with the Earth and nature. But, onyx comes in every color and tint under the rainbow. No matter which color suits you, they all have a natural waxy, smooth luster without being polished.


Synonymous with Native American jewelry from the American Southwest, turquoise holds mystical and magical powers like warding off sickness and helping you find solutions to severe problems. Turquoise gemstones also assist with clear cut human interactions since it opens the throat chakra.

In addition to the southwestern region of the USA, turquoise mines are in other dry and arid climates like in areas of Tibet, Iran, Chile, and Mexico. Completely opaque, turquoise is, in fact, turquoise in color with veins of copperish tones running throughout. The color structure of this ornamental mineral is made from copper and aluminum mixed with water.

To review, ruby, onyx, and turquoise originate from all over the world, and they truly are here to assist anyone born in July. Since you now know the facts regarding your three superior stones, you are already on the way to successfully employing your best birthstone.

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