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How to Take Care of Your Crystals

How to Take Care of Your Crystals

Earth provides several tools that are foundational parts of many spiritual practices. Crystals are some of the most common allies we have to guard, generate, and heal our energies and spirit. Just as crystals take care of us, we also need to make an intention to care for them. The two most important concepts of crystal care are cleansing and charging. No, you don't need soap or a charger—read on and learn how to keep your healing crystals in tip-top shape!

Why Do We Cleanse Our Crystals?

Please don't freak out, but like us, crystals have a memory. Crystals and various earth stones absorb the environment and energy that surrounds them. Like we get weighed down or overwhelmed, our crystal warriors also do. So, give them a much-needed break and R&R! If your crystal is in a stressful environment or is holding some toxic energies, this will prevent it from performing as it should. To return the crystal to its pure state, you must follow the steps below to cleanse and charge.

How Often Should We Cleanse Our Crystals?

How we cleanse our spiritual tools is essentially up to us; however, you should follow some baseline steps to keep your tools in high function. Whenever you buy a new crystal, cleanse it immediately, or at the very least, before you use it for the first time. In terms of crystals, you already have and use regularly or semi-regularly, this is more of a personal decision. Check-in with them weekly if you wear your crystals daily as jewelry or in your pocket. If you have larger crystals or stones in rooms of your home that serve a particular purpose, it is best to give them the rock star cleansing treatment once a month. Of course, if you use your crystal for a specific ritual or others handle it, cleansing afterward is always a good practice.

How Do We Cleanse Our Crystals

Our crystals and how we use them are unique—so are the ways we can get them nice and clean and ready for more action! Below are some ideas on how to properly cleanse your pals.

1) Clean Water: The most common practice is to submerge your crystals in clean water for at least half an hour, then pat dry.

2) Brown Rice: Like a wet phone, covering your crystals in brown rice will help pull any unwanted energies from your stones. Be sure to throw the rice away afterward.

3) Rock Salt: Use crystals to heal crystals! Submerging your stones with rock salt in water will act strongly. Leave them submerged for at least an hour and pat dry.

4) Sound Bath: If you have a larger crystal pal that is difficult to move, try to cleanse with sound. Use a bell or single-tone sound tool to serenade and cleanse your larger crystals. Try this for 5-10 minutes.

How Do We Charge Our Crystals?

Okay, so we are a pro at cleansing our crystals, so how do we charge them? Luckily, no other material is needed other than another gift of our earth—sunlight. Think of crystal care in this way: cleansing removes bad energy, and charging restores natural powers. If your crystals feel like they are in a weakened state, it may be time to charge them! Place your crystals on a windowsill for at least 30 minutes or up to two days. Let the sun do its job, and voila, your crystal is restored!

Our crystals are generous gifts from the earth that work to heal and protect our energy. Heal and protect them with these simple steps to get more out of your practice!

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