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How to Find Your Patron Deity

How to Find Your Patron Deity

Your go-to god, your right hand goddess—if you are a witch, you've probably heard of patron deities and deity work. Are you looking to make connections to gods or goddesses to strengthen your craft? Are you curious which of the deities speak to your spirit and magic? Whatever the intention behind your patron deity search, you should always approach deity work weighing the pros and cons before you begin. Below, use these tips to find your unique, cosmic teacher.

Do You Need a Patron Deity?

Everyone's spirit and practice are unique, and no, you do not need to find a patron deity for your craft. We all look at divinity differently depending on our journeys, spiritual strengths, and weaknesses. Some spirit workers are drawn to certain gods and goddesses' particular facets and mythologies, while broader concepts of energy and magic can more strongly compel others.

Before you try to connect with a god or goddess, consider where your enthusiasm and purpose come from—is it linked to personal mythologies or something less specific and more encompassing?

How Do I Find My Patron Deity?

Searching for your spiritual best friend is an enjoyable but extensive process. First, you must do your research. Before you begin, journal around what is essential to your spirit, power, and practice. As you discover deities, you will start to see and feel connections. An obvious attraction does not happen for everybody; however, you may be drawn to deities by a strong, unexplainable force. If you do not feel compelled, you may not be ready or in need of a deity connection.

If you have one or a few you have spiritual connections, it is time to plan meeting rituals.

How Do I Connect with My Patron Deity?

You cannot deny the special, magnetic feeling you get when you are connecting with a deity. This god or goddess might pop up in your thoughts frequently, you may get chills when you view an image of them, or they may begin presenting you with signs. When you find your patron spirit, it will be something that you intuitively know.

Don't get discouraged if you feel your connection doesn't “feel” strong enough. Those that practice magic also have the power to choose their destinies. Attempt to choose a deity and request permission for them to receive your energy and gratitude if they do not come to you first. You do not know unless you ask.

How Do I Honor My Patron Deity?

Offer your spiritual teacher your devotion and commitment. Spend ample amounts of time meditating on your deity and offer affirmations and prayers. Along with internal work, you can also construct a shrine or altar to leave them offerings.

The most important part of your patron deity search comes after you meet one another. Then, it is up to you to continue to build and strengthen your relationship with lots of energy, time, and intention. Be as good of a friend to them as they will be to you!

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