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How to Cleanse Your Aura

How to Cleanse Your Aura

Whether your body is a temple or not, you can dramatically benefit in both mind and spirit through aura purification. Discover how to do it and what awaits you afterward in this step-by-step guide on cleansing your aura.

Stress, toxins, and negative energy can all take a significant toll on the well-being of our auras. Fortunately, learning how to clean these contaminants can help us to rid unwanted pollutants from our auras.

Once informed, implementing them into action can bring immediate and long-term relief to the symptoms of an unclean aura such as lack of motivation, decreased connection to nature, self, or others, and overwhelming confusion.

Below, the six aura cleansing techniques are in a list from easiest to most difficult. Depending on the level of dispelling aura dirt needed, begin with the light-cleansing methods and move down the list to a deeper squeaky-clean as required.

Breathe with Intention

Most of us are already familiar with the cleansing power of deep breathing. However, in cleansing your aura, a different type of breathing is more effective. Short, quick, powerful breaths from the diaphragm provide the powerful expulsion needed to rid ourselves of anything untoward lingering in our auras.


People who regularly practice meditation have said that prayers ask for help or guidance, while meditation is silently listening for the answers and solutions. Clearing the distracting thoughts from your mind allows your aura time to heal itself, repair and regrow positive energy.

Smudge sticks

Burning sage doesn't only help clear the room of negative energy. It also works wonders to purify your aura. Buy or craft your smudge stick, light one end on fire and blow it out. Gently hold your breath and use the smoke to encircle the body, focusing primarily on the head and crown chakra.


Water cleanses impurities from within and without our physical bodies. Spiritual baths, showers, walks in the rain, and swims can create a refreshed and renewed aura. Revitalize your aura even further by adding rose, sea salt, or sage to the hydration experience.

Chant Positive Mantras

Repetition of kind and self-affirming words can clear any muddiness you accumulate in your aura. Mantras work spoken aloud or said internally. For maximum results, try chanting a short mantra over a hundred times in a row or a longer mantra at least three times back-to-back, multiple times a day.

Aura Combing

Begin by rubbing your palms together swiftly to create energy in the form of friction. Using the heat, you make from this action, pass your palms over your chakras, feeling your chi permeating the skin into the soul. When clearing out the cobwebs in our chakras through aura combing, our auras become clean.

So, when you feel as though you need a light or deep aura cleansing, employ one or more of these tactics to relieve unpleasant spiritual symptoms. Through the use of breathing with intention, meditation, submerging in water, smoke from smudge sticks, chanting positive mantras, or aura combing, you truly can successfully cleanse your aura.

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