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Hack Your Resolutions

Hack Your Resolutions

As you pack away the leftovers of your holiday meal and try and find a spot to store that thoughtful gift you received, it's only natural for your thoughts to turn to the quickly approaching new year.

No matter how often you tell yourself that this will be the year that you keep your New Year's resolution or that you won't make one in the first place, there is a powerful draw to think of ways to make the upcoming year better than the previous year.

Instead of fighting the urge to make a resolution that you know won't make it through the first month (or week) of the dawning new year, embrace the urge to improve and try these tips to hack your resolutions.

Resolution Hack #1: Simplify It

Even if you have big dreams, start small with the resolutions. Break it down step-by-step and focus on the small achievements that will get you to your big picture goals. Take the time to zero in and focus on the seemingly small steps and conquer them individually until you arrive at the doorstep of success.

Resolution Hack #2: Define It

An extension of simplifying your resolution is to explain it clearly. It's not sufficient to say that you want to get fit, lose weight or eat better, you have to define what your goal means to you. Instead, you can make a resolution to run a mile, lose 5 pounds or eat an extra serving of vegetables a day. The more you define it, the more you'll understand how your actions are supporting your goals or keeping you from success.

Resolution Hack #3: Generalize It

If there isn't a specific goal that you want to achieve in the new year, try identifying a theme for the year and summarize it in one broad word. Whether you want to work on being more generous, showing gratitude or overcoming anxiety, come up with a theme for the year. This exercise gives you the opportunity to look for new and surprising ways to enact your resolution throughout the year. See where the unknown takes you!

Resolution Hack #4: Commit to It

Do what you need to do to fully commit to your resolution. Whether you declare it publicly to your family and friends or write it down in a private journal, share your intention with the world is the first step in committing yourself to making this life change. It will also help you if you find a way to track your progress using a method that will work best for you.

Resolution Hack #5: Be Kind

Don't neglect to be kind and patient with yourself during this process. Acknowledge that there will be setbacks, but luckily progress is rarely all or nothing. When you experience a setback, forgive yourself and get back to it.

While setting goals and resolving to improve your life isn't limited to the start of the new year, the change in the calendar can be hard to resist. However, with these resolution hacks, you may be in a better position than ever to make some lasting changes in your life.

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