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Five Things You Didn't Know About Crystals

Five Things You Didn't Know About Crystals

Crystals are not just beautiful to look at—they are energy healers and transformers. Whether you are using them as protection, inspiration, or balance, there are as many crystals as there are needs. So naturally, the more, the merrier, the more crystals there are, the more mysteries they keep! Read on for five things you may not have known about these energy powerhouses.

1. What Makes a Crystal? Rhythm and Pressure

We get to witness these beautiful stones when they are formed. However, we may not know or think about how much time and energy it took for the finished, polished product. Crystals are formed when a liquid cools and becomes a solid. The patterns and colors you see all have to do with pressure, heat, and rhythm. Each unique crystal gets its pattern when atoms, ions, and molecules repeat in unique ways. As a result, no two crystals are exactly alike!

2. Snowflakes Are Crystals, but Glass Is Not

Something as temporary as a snowflake is indeed a crystal! However, crystal glasses, vases, etc., are not technically a crystal. Because snowflakes form when a liquid cools into a solid, they are considered a crystal! Snowflakes also form unique patterns of repeating molecules. So, why is glass not a crystal? Glass’ shape is not a result of atoms in a pattern, but atoms that are “jumbled”—thus, technically not crystal!

Due to these definitions, sugar and salt are crystals as well!

3. Crystals Give off Vibrations

The world is full of vibrations that we may or may not sense with our six senses. Each crystal has a very specialized energy field and gives off particular vibrations to sense and respond to on a cellular level—the frequency results from the pattern and strength of energy and pressure that formed the crystal. Depending on the particular frequency field, the crystal will tune into and heal.

4. Crystal Use Is Not New—it Is Ancient

Accounts of our ancestors practicing with crystals date back to 3000 BC! The ancient Egyptians used crystals for healing and energy work. Throughout history, soldiers also donned crystal jewelry to protect themselves in the heat of battle.

5. All Crystals Are Special—but Some Hold Mystic Data

Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. For example, Mexico has a cave with a 55-ton Selenite crystal, and some crystals fit in the palm of our hands. A unique feature that some of these stones have is a triangle pointing upwards—like a pyramid. These unique gems are purported to be “record keepers” and hold and store the data and wisdom of the energy imprints around them.

Crystals are everywhere and will continue to be everywhere! The energy, pressure, and vibration from the earth work hard to form these healers and protectors.

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