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April’s Awesome Birthstone

April’s Awesome Birthstone

Astronomically attractive and universally adored, all people born in April have the honor of diamonds being their birthstone. Look here to learn about diamonds' scientific physicalities, history, and spiritual attributes.

Are you curious about April's birthstone? This year don't let your birthday be a diamond in the rough. Polish it up by polishing up on your knowledge about this divine birthstone, the dazzling diamond.

Are Diamonds the Hardest?

Although diamonds have forever held the position of being the hardest mineral on the Mohs scale of hardness, in 2009, scientists first discovered a harder substance. Called wurtzite boron nitride, it beat out diamonds on indentation tests.

Then, in 2016 scientific advancements in nanotechnology allowed for the creation of a human-made diamond that is 58% harder than natural diamonds. Scientists made it using an amorphous carbon material known as lonsdaleite, which is located inside only a few meteor crash sites around the world.

Are Diamonds the Sharpest?

Much like the myth of diamonds being the hardest substance on Earth, diamonds also fall short in the sharpness department. While incredibly sharp, a diamond's sharpness is eclipsed by obsidian in shard-form. But, diamonds are preferred for precise drilling and glass cutting and are being explored as protective elements in bulletproof suits.

The History and Science of Diamonds

Diamonds' high desirability stems not only from its long history of holding the record for the hardest and sharpest material on the planet but also from its rarity and breathtaking beauty. In fact, from the 4th century BCE until the 1700s, diamonds were only found in mines located in India.

This rarity sparked the science of creating human-made artificial or imitation diamonds in the mid-1950s. Nowadays, we even have the capability of turning human DNA, such as from ashes, into a diamond.

The formation of natural diamonds occurs over millions of years. The chemical compound of a diamond is strictly carbon, making all diamonds a product of graphite. However, without long lasting and intense pressure, graphite will not turn into a diamond.

Spiritual Aspects of Diamonds

The zodiac signs Aries and Taurus share the same gemstone which celebrates their time of birth, the fourth month of the calendar year. Amazingly, this April birthstone, the diamond, is also the traditional gift for sixtieth wedding anniversaries.

Additionally, yogis and spiritualists use diamonds to open the crown chakra during meditation. Along with promoting a spiritual awakening, diamonds can also help you find your true fate and achieve your best destiny. They are also used to draw in loyal love and virtue and have long been a spiritual symbol of innocence.

Finally, diamonds are not only a girl's best friend. They are an extremely helpful birthstone for anyone born in April. Beyond their jaw-dropping decadence, diamonds' extreme durability, unique science and history, and supreme spiritual qualities make this precious gemstone a useful birthday gift. Give one to a loved one or to yourself to see a twinkle in your eye like a diamond in the sky.

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