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All About Sapphire—September’s Birthstone

All About Sapphire—September’s Birthstone

Sapphire has rich, ancient folklore linked to many world religions. This reputation comes as no surprise—“Sapphire” means blue in Greek and is heralded as one of the “great gems.” Associated with loyalty, wisdom, intuition, and Divine favor, Sapphire is genuinely one of the most mystical of birthstones. Learn all about September’s gem and how to utilize its properties to heighten your insights and realign your chakras!

Sapphire: An Introduction

The stone is known for its striking vibrant, blue color, Sapphire in the ancient and medieval world was thought to represent a divine and celestial connection. Sapphire also comes in several colors—black, green, orange, pink and other colored Sapphire also exist, although far rarer.

In Hebrew, it is thought that the Law given to Moses on The Mount was carved on slabs of Sapphire. Ancient Greeks wore Sapphire jewels to Apollo’s shrine to evoke cosmic messages from the stars. Buddhists and Christians wear and use the stone in ceremonies, as Sapphire represents spiritual enlightenment and divine protection.

Sapphire and Physical Healing

There are many physical uses for Sapphire, and many of its properties aid in ailments of the head, eyes, ears, and throat. Long believed to soothe symptoms of insomnia, Sapphire is also used to strengthen eyesight, alleviate ear infections and hearing issues, and is beneficial for swollen glands and thyroid complications.

If you are struggling with these physical ailments, try incorporating Sapphire in your daily dress as a necklace or earrings. Sapphire is also a crystal essence or an elixir.

Sapphire and Chakra Healing

Sapphire’s vibrant blue color is suited for awakening the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. The Throat Chakra is the “voice” of the body, and if this is out of alignment, you might find that communicating both with others and with yourself is extremely difficult. An unbalanced Throat Chakra leads to frustration and feelings of depression. When the Throat Chakra is in balance, it allows us to communicate ideas, beliefs, emotions, and personal truths.

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with our consciousness and where our waking world connects to our higher visions and purpose. If both the Throat and Third Eye Chakras are realigned, you will find you are better able to communicate your vision with the world around you. You will find it easier to create harmony and peace.

Sapphire and Meditation

Meditating has numerous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. To heighten these benefits, Sapphire is a great gem to incorporate into your practice. Blue Sapphire is explicitly useful in energizing your unconscious mind and activating a dreamlike state. If you are looking to delve into lucid-dream work, or to strengthen your connection to higher realms of consciousness, Sapphire is your new go-to.

Sapphire has a history for a reason—its spiritual properties make it an ideal stone to clear and realign your chakras. Take advantage of Sapphire’s magic to make it your new mystical aid!

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