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Acquiring Knowledge from Akashic Records

Acquiring Knowledge from Akashic Records

Do you want to have access to an overabundance of universal information? Find out what Akashic Records precisely are, who can access them, and ultimately how to try it out on your own.

Are you ready to permeate through the walls into higher consciousness and to tap into what are known as the Akashic Records? Or perhaps you only want to know more about what they are? Either way, the excursion to learn how to increase your enlightenment begins now.

What Are Akashic Records?

Is there an all-seeing, all-knowing, invisible place of information in which time is irrelevant? Can human beings take a mental trek to this place to acquire knowledge? If so, today, we call this collection of all the data that ever existed, exists, or will exist, the Akashic Records.

In the Hindu religion, the five fundamental elements of life are the Panchamahabhuta. The name Akashic may represent the fifth universal element Akash, the one responsible for the spiritual plane in which the universe exists. In Sanskrit, however, the definitions of the root words akasha and akaash mean the metaphysical ether.

Who Has Access to Akashic Records?

The most spiritual of all chakras is the crown as it leads to guidance from a higher source. Deeply religious gurus and Hindu leaders who are daily meditators like Ravi Shankar, Mira Bai, and Meher Baba have such pure and robust chakra energy. It's no wonder they can converse with the stars.

Besides those who are masters of meditation, most people think of celebrity-status spiritualists of late like Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Nikola Tesla, or Edgar Cayce delving into the universe's boundless database. Still, you do not have to be extremely devout, well-known, or extraordinarily gifted to burrow into Akashic Records.

How Can I Get a Means of Entry?

Here is a step-by-step beginner's guide to help you get into Akashic Records' infinitely vast amount of data.

  1. Establish a question you have for the omnipotent Akashic Records. If a very generalized query feels right, start there.
  2. Then, completely clear the mind of any extraneous thoughts you have, other than this particular question, just as you would during regular meditation sessions using a mantra.
  3. Release any roadblocks located in your crown chakra by concentrating your energy up through a point directly above your head.
  4. Mentally and vocally declare your intention and readiness to the universe to receive this vital information.
  5. Allow yourself to be open and to be awarded any counsel from the cosmos.
  6. The last, but not least important, step is to keep notes of anything you experience during your attempts in an Akashic Record access journal. Even if it does not seem important, a pattern or equation may arise in further and future ventures.

Akashic Records hold the essence of everything throughout all time. Increasing your knowledge of and familiarity with Akashic Records is a key to enlightenment. For the record, now you are enlightened on what Akashic Records are, who they are associated with, and how to gain permission to enter. Bon voyage, happy travels, may you find what information you are seeking, and namaste.

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