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Most Notable Mediums

Most Notable Mediums

Being a genuine medium is a unique and rare gift which lends itself to becoming famous. Learn about the most noteworthy ones in this guide to the foremost mediums of all time.

Throughout history, many people have claimed to have the necessary powers needed to be a legitimate medium. However, not all of them proved themselves without a shadow of a doubt. Here are some of the incredible men and women who went down in the books as the most notable and trustworthy mediums of all time.

Emma Hardinge Britten 1823-1899

A pioneer in the Modern Spiritualist Movement, Emma Hardinge Britten began her professional career as a deep trance medium. She accurately predicted a tragic death due to the sinking of a ship and made tables flip when interfacing with phantom spirits. Later in life, she left her medium practice to become a pro-spiritual speaker and author.

Madame Blavatsky 1831-1891

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was an occult leader, author, medium and spiritual pioneer. Madame Blavatsky wrote many bestselling books on the subject of mediums and the nature of the universe before starting a world-renowned spiritual school. Originally from Russia, she traveled the world in pursuit of paranormal truths before becoming a citizen of the United States.

D.D. Home 1833-1886

Daniel Dunglas Home was a specific type of Psychic known as a physical medium. Originally from the United Kingdom, this 19th-century wonder levitated two stories in front of witnesses. He also channeled unseen forces from the afterworld through his hands, producing rapping, tapping, and beats from the beyond.

Helen Duncan 1897-1956

Dubbed as "Scotland's Last Witch," Helen Duncan gained international fame as a medium. Her powers to contact, see and produce evidence of spirits from the beyond began in childhood. Then, in the 1920s, expelling ectoplasm from her body during seances secured her place as an exceptional medium.

Chico Xavier 1910-2002

A Brazilian Spiritist, Chico Xavier's claim to fame as a medium lies in his 469 books written in the Portuguese language. Devoting himself for over 60 years to the endeavor, he adamantly spoke about not being the actual author of the books. Instead, all of them were essential messages he gleaned directly from the spirit realm.

Leslie Flint 1911-1994

Leslie Flint utilized a technique called direct voice mediumship to conjure audible messages from the afterlife during seances. While working, he preferred to be inside of a dark, small space like a cabinet to focus his powers. Alive in times when making recordings was possible, this British born medium made extensive audio archives of the spirit's voices with which he was able to communicate.

Rest assured, these talented and skilled mediums were no con artists, actors, or confidence tricksters. As you can see, their astonishing abilities to communicate with entities from the beyond secured their place in psychic history. They will be remembered.

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