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Are Aura Readers Psychic?

Are Aura Readers Psychic?

Every person emits light from their being. But, only a select few people can see it. So, does that mean aura readers are psychics?

Auras are fields of energy we all give off into the world. This energy takes the form of a single visible color, or in some cases, layers of colors. The result is similar to how most of us see images in infrared, which measures heat signatures emanating from the human body.

Each of these hues represents a particular meaning which can reveal interesting, relevant, and hidden truths about you as an individual. There are general explanations of each of them, but experts can delve deeper into what they mean about you.

Here are the most common colors and broad meanings behind them. Again, remember these are not tailored specifically for one person and are meant purely for reference.

White- Spiritually sound, balanced, harmonious or in a state of nirvana

Gray- Simplistic, minimalist, blurry or neutral

Blue- Generous spirit, serenity, concealed emotions or good rapport

Violet- Connected to self, educator, spiritual enlightenment or gentleness

Red- Dynamic, romantic, hot-headed or unforgiving

Orange- Wealth, bravery, go-getter or sociable

Yellow- Joyful, easygoing, caution or inner battle

Green- Honest, adventurous, compassionate or jealous

Brown- Strong opinions, egotistical, loving or protection

Pink- Selflessness, service, warm or naivety

As is expected, the color spectrum of auras makes an ideal subject matter for visual artists. The evidence is in the large amount and popularity of aura drawings, illustrations, and paintings. These renderings are beautiful renditions of your unique aura which allow you to see it for yourself through their eyes.

In fact, aura reading machines are available for purchase by anyone. These cameras capture your aura using specialized technology. Known as aura photography, mystical bazaars and New Age conventions provide this service for a fee. But, while nice to look at, none of these works of art made by human or machine help to demystify the symbolism of your color palette.

Like Psychic Readers' innate intuition and clairsentience, some people have extrasensory perception when it comes to how they see the world. Called synesthesia, this is an ability to perceive things differently, such as seeing smells.

This scientific anomaly is not to be confused with people who have sensory auras, which are hallucinations brought on by those who suffer from migraine headaches. Although some people with synesthesia see auras, they are not necessarily trained, educated, or adept in the art of illuminating or unriddling them.

You do not have to be a Psychic to see auras. However, a person who is gifted in the art of seeing auras may not be certain about what they mean for you and your life. Therefore, insights provided by the color or range of colors in your aura are best interpreted by a professional and experienced Psychic. So, be sure to get your aura readings from someone who can both see them and fully understand and explain them.

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