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The Ultimutt Dog Breed for Your Sign

The Ultimutt Dog Breed for Your Sign

Dogs are man's best friend—are you considering adding another best friend to your life? Or are you curious about what dog is best suited for your personality? Playful and rough around the edges, sweet and loyal—there are as many dog breeds as there are personalities! Look to the stars to find who would be your ultimutt best friend!

Aries: Border Collie

Aries are some of the most strong-willed and determined individuals. They need a dog that can keep up with physical challenges! The border collie has the energy required and are considered workaholics in the dog world—which makes them physically perfect for each other!

Taurus: Golden Retriever

The Taurus is in love with the beauty of the natural world. A golden retriever's luscious and vibrant orange coat makes them some of the most sought after dog breeds for their majesty and beauty. Their loyal and social temperament is just a bonus!

Gemini: Corgi

Every Gemini has two sides, and there is not much room to compete with them! The corgi is a small, stout breed that packs a punch with their energy and sociability like their Gemini owner. These two—I mean three—are a match made in heaven!

Cancer: Pomeranian

Cancers thrive when they feel needed. The Pomeranian is perhaps the most cuddly in the dog world—always needing their owner's affections. Cancers will live to love their Pomeranian, and their Pomeranian will live to be loved by their Cancer owner.

Leo: Pug

Leos love to be the center of it all! With a dog like the charismatic pug, it will be a task not to take notice! Funny noises and expressions make the pug an irresistible cutie, and the Leo will thrive on all the attention!

Virgo: Bloodhound

Bloodhounds are bred to hunting perfection. The Virgo is a perfectionist by nature, so these two share a similar sentiment to carry out tasks in the most efficient manner possible. Mutual respect for their ability to get things done will form a lasting bond.

Libra: Shih Tzu

There are many things the balanced and harmonious Libra is good at—having a high fashion sense might be the most impressive of their skills. Shih Tzu's are high maintenance and sport elaborate hairdos but are deserving of all of the attention—just like our Libras.

Scorpio: Saluki

The Saluki's human-like eyes will have you as entranced as you are with Scorpio's penetrative stares. All dogs are loyal to their owners; however, the Saluki is quite renowned for taking their loyalty to new extremes! The sometimes possessive Scorpio will appreciate this unbreakable alliance.

Sagittarius: Australian Shepherd

As adventurers of the zodiac, the Sagittarius is always looking for new life-changing experiences. Australian shepherds share the same zest for life and will not find it hard to keep up with their Sagittarius owners. The two will experience a long, happy, and most importantly, surprising life together.

Capricorn: Schnauzer

Let's be frank—Capricorns love to mold the people around them to be the best versions of themselves. Always practical and hardworking to a fault, the Capricorn will find a match with a schnauzer. Schnauzers are notoriously easy to train and are a highly intelligent breed—the perfect set of clay for the Capricorn.

Aquarius: St. Bernard

It's all in the title—the St. Bernard is truly a saint in the dog world. The free-loving and humanitarian Aquarius owner will not find a single thing not to love about this gentle giant. The two can truly save the world together as a team!

Pisces: Poodle

Sensitive, intuitive, and gentle—this describes both Pisces and the poodle to a tee. Poodles are often misunderstood as prissy and snobbish; however, these dogs are highly lovable and emotional. These two could successfully support each other's demanding emotional needs!

Woof woof! There you have it! Who are the stars suggesting as your next furry best friend?

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