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The Purrfect Cat Breed for Your Sign

The Purrfect Cat Breed for Your Sign

Are you in need of a cuddly and furry companion? Adding a cat to your family is not a light matter; in fact, those looking to adopt a cat should consider very carefully what breeds would best get along with their lifestyle. What better way to choose your match than to look to the stars—because let's face it, the cosmos doesn't lie! Below, find out what cat is purrfect for you based on your sign.

Aries: Bengal

Aries is the sign of the ram--particularly energetic, brave, and independent. When you think of individuality, you immediately think of the Bengal, known for its strength and stealth.

Taurus: Domestic Shorthair

Taurus' are homebodies by definition—so are cats! The stable, sucker for comforts and stubborn Taurus would find a good match in the domestic shorthair who is very even-tempered to counter-act your sometimes strong-willed nature.

Gemini: Balinese

With the Gemini, it might be hard to stop at one cat! Energetic, affectionate, and ever-curious, the Gemini finds an automatic kinship with felines. A cat just as lovey-dovey and always down for a curiosity-fueled adventure is none other than the Balinese.

Cancer: Maine Coon

Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac, and loyalty is of utmost importance to them. The Maine Coon is devoted to its owners and is quite reserved with strangers. The two are a match made in furry heaven!

Leo: The Tiger Cat

Leos are the felines of the bunch, being prideful and great leaders. The name of the breed says it all! Tiger cats are bold, brave, and love being the center of attention. There's little the two of you can't accomplish if you join forces!

Virgo: Sphinx

What would our world look like without the practical, organized Virgo? No wonder why a hairless cat fits perfectly inside of a perfectionist's lifestyle. With the Sphinx, you get all the sweetness without the hassle—the Virgo couldn't be more thrilled!

Libra: Tuxedo

Libras make quite an impression on those around them with their fashion choices and charm. The Tuxedo cat never disappoints with their permanent furry, black and white suit. The cat's undeniable intelligence and sociability is just icing on the cake.

Scorpio: Russian Blue

Scorpios can be quite intense with their secretive nature. The Russian Blue has a vibrant bluish-grey color fur that only enhances its penetrative stare. The two are meant to be, and who knows, the Russian Blue might coax the Scorpio from the deep wells of their secrets!

Sagittarius: Orange Tabby

Always on the go and people-oriented, the Sagittarius makes fast friends. The orange tabby is perhaps one of the most personable cat breeds. You'll find a Sagittarius and orange tabby cuddling up to the newest stranger like they've known each other for years!

Capricorn: The Black Cat

The black cat has quite a reputation as the bearers of bad omens. The Capricorn is smart enough to see past the smoke and mirrors as just a fur-fiction! Just as cuddly and adorable as any cat, the black cat and the Capricorn would be a great practical match!

Aquarius: Persian

Free-willed and unique to the core, the Aquarius needs a cat companion that is just as special as they are. Persians are known for their strong individuality that does not pander for affection. The Persian is also known for its rare, beautiful fur coat—the perfect Aquarian accessory.

Pisces: Tortoiseshell

Pisces are emotional and creative, so they need a cat that can change their emotions on a whim, just as they do! The Tortoiseshell can be content sleeping on a warm lap one minute, then jumping into play the next—just what the Pisces needs to snap out of their frequent daydreams!

Meow! There you have it! What furry, star-destined companion are you going to take home today?

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