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Communicating With Your Pet

Communicating With Your Pet

Your devoted dog or playful kitten is more than a pet; it’s a much-loved member of your family. When you have this much love invested in the four-legged members of your family, you will do anything you can to care for it. You buy it the best food, you pet it, you take it to the vet for checkups, you love your pet the way you love your family and friends.

Just like in human relationships, strange behaviors and acting out can make the pet and owner relationship difficult. Unlike a human relationship, you can’t just ask your dog or cat what is bothering him or her. So how can you learn what’s bothering your pet and causing them to act out in unacceptable ways? Before you start send them off to behavior boot camp or a training program, think of talking to a pet psychic.

A pet psychic possesses intuitive and empathetic gifts that aren’t limited to humans and extend to pets and animals. Working with a pet psychic can be very useful when adopting a new pet that may come with emotional baggage. They may be unable to uncover past traumas that influence your pet’s behavior. Once you know about the past traumas, you’ll be in a better position to create a reassuring and nurturing home for your newest member of the family.

It may surprise you to learn that even if you don’t consider yourself terribly intuitive or psychic, you’re able to communicate with your pet. The bond between owners and pets is a strong one that can foster surprising methods of communication. It’s not simply about having your pet understand and follow your commands, but it’s about bonding with your pet on a deeper, more spiritual level. By following these tips, you may be able to take your relationship with your beloved pet to an even more emotionally fulfilling level:

Tip #1: Match Your Mood to Your Words

When you are trying to reassure a nervous pet about an impending separation or the sounds of the storm outside, it is important for you to stay calm and use soothing voices. At the same time visualize what you want them to know and understand. Send them pictures of you walking in the door with grocery bags or taking a walk outside when the storm has cleared. They will pick up on your energy and respond in kind.

Tip #2: Cuddle Up for Sweet Dreams

Sleep is a wonderful time to connect with your pet. Not only do both of you receive comfort, but it is also a time with your subconscious is at work and sharing that time can help the two of you connect. Before you go to sleep, spend some time asking that your pet’s soul come visit you in your dreams so that you can communicate. Be sure to keep pen and paper handy to record any dreams so that you don’t miss your message!

Tip #3: Reflect on How Your Pet Arrived in Your Life

Take time to look into your pet’s eyes and think about the circumstances that brought him or her into your life. Were you both in need of love and comfort? Don’t discount the fact that there could be very good reasons the Universe brought you together for very important reason. Pay close attention to any spontaneous thoughts or feelings that you have during this reflection.

By taking the time to communicate with your pet on a deeper and more spiritual level, you are letting them know that they are indeed loved and that you cherish their presence in your life.

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