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Are Any Animals Bad Omens?

Are Any Animals Bad Omens?

We are all aware of the beauty and positivity the animal kingdom offers us. But, in the great cosmic balance of life, every positive must have a negative.

Spirit animals, pets and other animal companions like service animals can bring untold joy and purpose to our lives. This is certain.

Even in the tough times, they are there for us, guiding us spiritually and sometimes even physically, like in the cases of seeing eye dogs helping the blind and carrier pigeons that were used for communication during warfare.

But those in the fauna category are not always soft fur and purrs. Some animals have fangs, claws, pincers, horns and poison.

You know those animals that give us all that creepy crawly feeling and make us afraid for no good reason? Are these dread casting animals an indication of future doom?

It is easy to feel as though a sense of foreboding can overwhelm us, even at the mere thought or image of a certain creature. Does this mean some animals are actually bad omens and a source of prediction when it comes to an upcoming sinister event?

Many renowned experts throughout human history believe so. But, which ones point to doom and gloom and which ones are simply unpleasant to be around?

Here is a list of animal encounters that may harbor a bad omen for the future:


These eight-legged arachnids are silent, can move in any directions and can inject poisonous venom. Beware of someone spinning a web of lies or draining you of your life force.


Slithery, legless, cold-blooded creatures with forked tongues; snakes are an ancient religious symbol of extremely disloyal and deceitful events.


The only flying mammal, bats have sonar to locate their prey. Be wary of any dark antisocial apartment dwellers or hermits as they could be dark and sinister psychic vampires.

Black Cats

A symbol of witchcraft and Halloween, black cats are thought to bring bad luck immediately after one crosses your path.


Lost souls in psychic purgatory who are stuck between realms of this plane and the next can call on crows to bring a dire message from the afterlife.


Worms represent death and decay, either of something physical or the end of a relationship. They also churn the soil and promote new growth to emerge from this ending.

Albino Animals

A rare and awe-inspiring sight in nature, albino animals are completely lacking in pigment, leaving them an unearthly and ghostly white color with blood red eyes. They can represent a harsh winter or a blinded sense of judgment.


The chilling howl of a lone wolf during a full moon can send shivers down even the most brave person’s spine. Wolves indicate intense sadness and loneliness in the future.


The circling of vultures overhead or in the near distance is a sign of passage into the afterlife and the never ending circle of life and death. It is time to take stock and be grateful for the gift of each day.

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