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Animals and the Tarot

Animals and the Tarot

Animals play a very important role in the Tarot and they hold great symbolism that pertains to some of life's greatest lessons. The animal symbols within the Tarot originate from religious scriptures and legends that have been told for thousands of years. Many of the animal symbols in the Tarot offer secret messages that can change and enhance the quality of our lives. They symbolize our unique character traits and can offer a greater understanding of our authentic selves. You might think a bear symbolizes anger or power or that a cat symbolizes intelligence and agility, but that is not always necessarily true.

Ancient cultures such as the Gypsies, Romans and Greeks have used animals to symbolize a variety of human characteristics. A large amount of fairy tales and folklore have animals in their story to teach a specific lesson. Animal symbolism in the Tarot can offer us awareness and insight. They can give us the guidance we need to move forward in our lives and provide us with deeper understanding of ourselves and our life events. Let's take a look at some of the most common animal symbols in the Tarot.

The Butterfly in the Tarot

This symbol represents characteristics such as versatility, speed and increased activity. We've all heard the term she's a 'social butterfly' and this is exactly what the butterfly represents. This symbol shows signs of transformation, new ideas and change. In the Tarot, the butterfly symbolizes that the person getting the reading is presently experiencing changes in their life. This will encourage growth and give the inquirer a new path to follow. Where can you find the butterfly in the Tarot? It is found in the Minor Arcana on the Queen and King of Swords.

The Cat in the Tarot

As magical, independent and mysterious as they are in real life, the symbol of the cat in the Tarot is very much the same. In the Tarot, the black cat is found on the Queen of Wands card. It symbolizes any fears that we may be hiding from others or from ourselves.

The Bull in the Tarot

The bull represents characteristics such as patience, commitment and stability. When it comes to personal goals, the bull is dedicated to achieving them by any means, but with patience. In the Tarot deck you will find the bull symbol on The World and The Wheel of Fortune cards.

The Dove in the Tarot

Known for spiritual awareness and inner peace, the dove in the Tarot symbolizes peace and a healing presence of the Holy Spirit. You can find this animal on the Ace of Cups and when it appears, it symbolizes the fact that peace is soon to come.

The Dog in the Tarot

Dogs are known for their loyalty, unconditional love and dedicated friendship. Humans could definitely learn a lesson from dogs, as our furry best friends are extremely compassionate and loving. In ancient times, dogs have been the guardians of secret treasures and small children. The dog in the Tarot deck is found in the Major Arcana on The Moon and The Fool cards.

While these are only a few of the animals in the Tarot, you can see that animal symbols truly mean something on a deeper level. When they appear in our psychic readings, they act as guardians and guides. They can allow us to find peace, accept change and improve our life path.

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