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Animal Dreams and You

Animal Dreams and You

Does a serpent slither by you in your sleep-state? Does a black cat stalk in your nightmares? Fulfill your curiosity about what animal-sightings-while-sleeping mean for your past, present, and future.

When we wake up and remember seeing one or more animals in our dreams, we often wonder, "What do they represent?" Animals in dreams can symbolize everything from impending danger to possible pregnancy to burgeoning romance and may bring hidden truths in your life to the forefront of your waking thoughts.


Dreams about squirrels indicate a lack of readiness for the future. Are you slacking off or acting squirrely when it comes to making financial preparations for your retirement? Start squirreling away for what’s to come.


While you hibernate for the night, seeing a bear denotes a strong maternal instinct as a protective and powerful mama bear. Bear dreams also indicate a dire need for warm fuzzy feelings and plenty of bear hugs.


An image or howling sound in your dreams point toward a shift in the alpha male or female in your life who may have predatory behavior. It's time to reexamine a possible pack mentality to promote healthy teamwork and togetherness.


Turtles in dreams signal security, shelter, and pace. Is life slowly passing you by? Try coming out of your shell during social occasions. Also, it’s a reminder to keep making slow and steady progress towards your life goals.


A spider dream clarifies the weaving of a web of deceit, dishonesty, or carefully obscured manipulation. Your unconscious mind is telling you someone is silently sucking the life force out of you or paralyzing your personal growth.


Tadpole, toad, and frog dreams represent rejuvenation, renewal, and spiritual rebirth. As amphibians with enormous environmental flexibility on land and sea, a frog dream calls to attention the need for adaptation to explore new ideas and shift perspectives.


Is someone poisoning your emotional state? Dreaming of a snake bite reveals the speaking of venomous words. If the snake is stalking you, you feel particularly vulnerable, both physically and spiritually, in your waking life.


Bird egg and chick dreams point to a dire need for nesting. Birds soaring high overhead say you are flying free and are feeling unencumbered in life. Listening to the songs of birds is a simple reminder to rekindle your appreciation and connection to music.


Is someone or something bugging you? Insect dreams signify being creeped out and the desire to have someone bug off. Creepy crawlies also represent experiencing sickness like a flu bug.


A symbol for new life and representative of amniotic fluid in the womb, fish dreams can indicate you are in the very early stages of pregnancy. Additionally, fish dreams expose that someone around you is acting rather fishy.

You did an exceptional job of educating yourself on what these animal dreams represent. So, don't be a sitting duck the next time you have a dream about an animal. Instead, refer back to this list to find out what it reveals about the real nature of yourself and those around you.

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