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An Introduction to Animal Totems

An Introduction to Animal Totems

Do you have a specific connection to certain animals? Do you ever notice a single kind of animal more than others or has one animal appeared to you more than once in your lifetime? If we are in tune with the natural forces that surround us and if we can reach a deeper state of consciousness in our daily lives, we will be able to learn more from the animals that surround us.

Animals and animal totems can symbolize qualities that we may need to work on more in our daily lives. There is meaning when an animal keeps appearing to you whether they appear on a book that drops at your feet, in your dreams or physically show themselves. When your animal totem appears to you, think of them as valuable symbols. The universe is attempting to speak with you and teach you about what you can improve within yourself and what you should be aware of. These animal totems show us how we are connected to this world. They can show us how to reflect on our individual innate qualities and our purpose in life.

Animal totems are there to offer spiritual guidance when we need it the most. We must learn about their natural habitats and their instinctive behaviors in order to improve our own lives. Ask yourself questions such as does it need water to survive? Does it sleep in the daytime and travel at night? Does it travel in packs or on its own? What food does it eat? Does is like the cold or have to live in the warmth? Let's take a look at a few animal totems and what they represent when they appear in an individual's daily life or in their deep subconscious.

Grizzly Bears as Totems

The grizzly bear represents strength and portrays the importance of commanding power. It also represents 'knowing' and awareness. If you see the grizzly bear in your visualizations when meditating you might be receiving the message that you need to strengthen your awareness and ask for what you want in life.

Polar Bears as Totems

These large white bears are famous for being fearless and aggressive. If this animal keeps showing itself to you, it might be telling you to look at your own fears and focus on improving the weak areas within your life.

Snakes as a Totem

The snake is an extremely symbolic totem in a variety of different cultures. The snake is representative of rebirth and wisdom. If you see snakes over and over again, you might need to consider that it is time for change and rebirth.

Dolphins as Totems

Dolphins survive by coming up for air every now and then. Ask yourself if you are suffocating and do you need to breathe? Your dolphin totem might be trying to teach you the importance of taking time for yourself, rejuvenation and deep breathing.

Tigers as a Totem

Tigers are known for being passionate and powerful. If you constantly see tigers throughout your life, your tiger totem might be trying to tell you to increase your personal power and passion.

The best way to discover your animal totem is to meditate and visualize. Focus on being out in nature and observe glorious landscapes, colorful flowers and rustic bushes. In your deeper state of consciousness try to explore your visualization.

Look in the trees, in the water or look in the bushes. What animal starts to show itself? Keep an open mind and try not to place an animal in your visualization. Allow your animal totem to come to you so you can start receiving their teachings and improve your quality of life.

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