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You Don’t Only Live Once!

You Don’t Only Live Once!

You may have heard of YOLO or you only live once, but when talking about reincarnation, YOLO may not be the case.

Reincarnation is just what it sounds like, a single soul born (and re-born) several times throughout time, on Earth or other planets in the universe. This process gives the soul several chances to live in human form throughout history.

The basic principle of reincarnation is that every being will die at a specific moment in time. At that exact point, the soul leaves the body and transcends into another dimension, something infinitely beautiful. This change is part of a learning process. After successfully learning the lessons of the universal soul, reincarnation brings the original soul closer to God, the divine or the Spirit World (which some say is our true nature).

Reincarnation: A Universal Learning Process

Reincarnation is the process our souls learn throughout eons of time. Some souls are “new” to this physical world, but most have lived several times over.

The physical world wants us to see things from a particular perspective. The easiest example to follow is gendering. The universe makes you either man or woman. The universal soul contains the power of both male and female, in varying amounts of each. As physical beings, we are only male or female. We are born at a specific time and place in the physical world, even though in the spiritual realm, there are no limitations in time and space.

The unique circumstances of our birth and life experiences provide us a unique perspective. Reincarnation allows our universal souls to choose different and, at times, opposite perspectives to complete the learning process.

Seeing Both Sides of Life

For instance, if you were a male with various sexual relationships, using women as a way to demonstrate social power, your soul may want to be reborn as a woman. The next incarnation of your spirit will have you experience the type of person that you once were as the mirror image of your former self.

Reincarnation will not make you a different person, but one with the same basic character, only placed in an entirely different situation. From the standpoint of the universe, this makes perfect sense. You have an opportunity to occupy both sides of the story of life.

Similarly, if you were an unfair business owner in a past life, you could be reborn into a poor family and end up working for a difficult boss, as you once were.

Reincarnation and Karma

The most common method in reincarnation is like choosing roles in the drama that we call reality. This relates to the concept of karma. “Good” karma helps you choose an easier path since you will be closer to learning the right way to live. “Bad” karma means we have more to learn and the life cycle will be longer.

There should be no value judgment placed on souls who have “done wrong.” Do not see being reborn on the receiving end of reincarnation as punishment. It is just the universe’s way of teaching.

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