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Talents: The Link to Your Past Lives

Talents: The Link to Your Past Lives

Linking your past lives to your present life may seem like a complicated and lengthy process, but it does not have to be!

Just use this guide, complete with examples, to delve deeper into your spiritual history simply by examining your natural gifts.

Did you ever stop to wonder why you seem to be better than others at one particular profession, activity or hobby? Is this tendency to excel in one area simply a product of practice, hard work and dedication to the craft? Or, is there a deeper meaning to your personal aptitudes?

No matter what your knack is for: making jam, knitting, climbing trees, painting or anything else, this flair for something other people enjoy and value can reveal some incredible things about your spirit’s past.

Yes, the luck of the draw or seemingly random talent you possess may actually be the key to learning more about your past!

How, you ask? Well, it really is easier than you might think! All it takes it a little time, gentle professional guidance and careful consideration.

For example, do you find yourself being praised and complimented for your cooking know-how? Find a flock of neighbors at your doorstep every time you bake a pie? Your proclivity towards the culinary arts may be because you have been a chef to members of royalty, or a world famous pastry chef of yore!

You have waited long enough to meet your selves from the past, so let’s get started right now with this step-by-step breakdown.

The five steps to discovering what your talents are exposing about your past lives:

  1.  Pinpoint which unique and special talents you possess. If it is difficult to figure out which of your skills and abilities stand above the rest, a psychic can quickly help you see things that you cannot see about yourself.
  2.  After narrowing down your talent options, write them all down by hand on paper. Do not dismiss the little things. Write down anything significant feeling even if may not seem like anything extraordinary, as it could be the link.
  3.  Fold up the list of talents so the writing is hidden, put the folded paper out of sight and step away from it for twenty-four hours. Try not to think about the list or your past lives.
  4.  Just go about your regular daily and nightly routine during this waiting period, but pay particular attention to any verbal compliments you receive. People compliment one another on the things that make them stand out in the world, so this is a key step. It could be as small as, “This is good,” so listen up.
  5.  After a full day’s time has gone by, with the compliment in the forefront of your mind, return back to the tucked away list of talents. Review the list with the compliment in mind and you will find the link to your past lives!

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