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Succeed at Past Life Regression

Succeed at Past Life Regression

So you think you’ve lived in a past life and you’re ready to uncover the details—where do you even start? While there are many professionals who can guide you through a past life regression, you might not have the time or money to start there. Don’t worry, there are several past life regression exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool in helping you recall the details of your past life. However, you must understand and accept that the process of self-hypnosis takes patience and commitment, but the results can be trusted. Start in a setting where you feel comfortable and safe. Put on calming sounds of the ocean or nature to hide outside noises that might distract you from the process. Start by relaxing your body and slowly deepening your breathing.

As you begin to relax, visualize a white light that surrounds you and protects you. Enjoy the love and warmth of this light as you relax further. Once you are ready, visualize yourself at the end of a long hallway with a door at the opposite end. Notice the details of your hallway and become familiar with it as you walk to the door that will open to reveal the details of your past life.

Open the door when you are ready and be prepared to accept what awaits you on the other side without judgment or analysis. Accept what you see and follow the threads deeper. Do you first see a color? Follow it to see what that color becomes in your past life. What is that smell or that sound? Investigate thoroughly and with confidence, as you know that you are in a safe place.

When you are ready to return to your waking state, exit through the door and walk down the same hallway that led you to your past life. Remember the details as this is the way that you will return for future discoveries. Only after you return to your fully alert state should you record all the details that you remember so that you can analyze them at a later date.

Tips for Success

1. Practice, Practice, Practice—Self-hypnosis and the unearthing of your past life isn’t something that will happen over night. It’s a journey of discovery and will take time and effort on your part.

2. Record Everything—Set a recording device to capture your time under self-hypnosis. You don’t want to miss any detail that might emerge during your session. You can also use this to record your impressions when you return to the waking state.

3. Don’t Over Do It—You don’t want to over train your brain and body by spending too long in a hypnotized state. Set a timer so that you don’t get distracted and spend too long in your hypnotized state. While you want to have enough time to relax and explore, more isn’t always better.

4. Set an Intention—Before you begin, set your intention for the session. Do you have a specific question about your past life, or a more general inquiry. Set the tone of the session from the very beginning by stating your goal and what you want to learn.

Undertaking past life regression by yourself can seem like a big challenge and daunting, but there are many ways that you can set yourself up for success. Don’t forget that your waking life can hold clues to the past and start to pay attention to all aspects of your life to see what links to your past.

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