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Past Life Relationships

Past Life Relationships

by Lily St. Thomas

You meet a new person and form an instant connection. You feel something deep within your soul. This “love at first sight” might be something more than a simple attraction. You know you never met before, but there is mutual recognition pulling your spirits and bodies together.

Immediate recognition and familiarity indicate that your current encounter was not the first. How could you possibly have known each other?

An Unexplainable Relationship

There are several unexplainable clues which indicate that you and your partner were together in a past life.

Beyond an instant recognition, you seem to know each other’s bodies intimately, just as if they were your own. Making love, your bodies feel a sense beyond passion. It sparks a rekindling of a much deeper bond.

You might have an interest in a specific historical period, or have similar dreams. It may seem like a coincidence at first but fate may also be playing a role in this wonderful romance.

Sharing the same dream is a substantial piece of the puzzle. If you two experience the same dreams, write down all of the details you can remember. This could reveal if the two of you were together in a past life and describe the forces at work in your eternal romance.

Should You Reconnect?

Meeting past lovers in a present reality does not automatically mean that you should restart the relationship. There could be a good reason for your separation, such as a negative or unstable connection in your past life. Restarting this relationship might reignite these troubles.

No doubt that there is a pull between your spirits, but you might not be true soulmates. There may be some limited completion of each other’s spirits. However, there could also be harmful baggage involved. Being together will unleash that previous level of conflict. If you two should not be together, why do you have this strong feeling?

There are many reasons why a relationship works. Chemistry is just one. When you both feel emotionally safe, appreciated and loved is when a relationship can grow naturally.

Looking Into Past Lives

If you and your beloved feel connected from a past life, there may be certain matters the two of you have carried to the present. Abandonment is the most common issue. One or both of you could be carrying insecurities about rejection into the current relationship.

The best method to gain a greater understanding of past-life relationships is past-life regression. For a better awareness into past-life relationships, professional spiritual advisors are required. A psychic, reader or clairvoyant is best suited to help you revert to a past life. Past-life readings can help you examine past relationships, providing insight on the dynamics of the connection. They can help you decide if you should go for it or let it go.

Past-life regression can open the floodgates to an incredibly enlightening experience, as well as providing answers as to how past lovers are affecting your current reality.

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